Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Reds & Interpretation

I just received my proposal’s result…it was red all over. Maybe my supervisor somehow knew through some magic balls that I am a lifelong Reds supporter (Liverpool YNWA). So he marked it almost all red to acknowledge my flaming passion for the Reds. Really appreciate his understanding.

What seems to keep me all smiling now is the fact that Red Devils are spiralling downward. They are in a free falling mode. They've been taken off the perch by my Liverpool and my second favourite Arsenal. Down you go devil. Your time is over.

There is this saying that says “a smile is a curve that keeps everything straight”You've been hit by a serious trouble (such as…your proposal had just been marked red all over?). Surely you’ll feel distorted? Like the sky is crumbling onto your head?

But someone anonymous smiles at you for no apparent reason…then you’ll feel straight again. You feel resurrected…up and running again.

I’m smiling now in the hope that Red Devils would go straight into the relegation zone. And get relegated. And never resurface again. I’ll then live in a utopia. I really mean this. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. My hatred of Man Utd is beyond a shadow of a doubt. It’s beyond repair.

Regarding my proposal, while it is true that it needs a major shake up, most of my points are valid. But sometimes the truth, or fact, is irrelevant. What matters is the explanation, or interpretation. Truth is nothing without the explanation. The interpretation is mightier than the fact.

To give a simple example, imagine a sales advisor who was stranded at a mysterious island. He observed that all the inhabitants of that island do not wear shoes. This is the fact. There were no shoes on that island. What about his interpretation? This is where it gets tricky.

When he gets back to his homeland, he is called up by his company to report his findings. His report depends solely on his interpretation of the situation on that island. He could suggest that the company should manufacture a shipload of shoes and ship all of them to that island to make shedload of money (they are shoeless so they must be craving for shoes).

Or, he could suggest that there is no point of trading shoes with the people of that island…they never wear shoes anyway and it is highly likely that they would never buy one. It’s a waste of time.

One fact, but with two very glaringly different interpretations.

I remember a sentence from my secondary school period. One sentence, but with two different meanings. 

“Woman without her man would be useless”.

“Woman! Without her, man would be useless”.

A comma and an exclamation mark made all the difference.

This was done by some witty geniuses.

What is the point of this post?

The fact is, I was under tremendous pressure after reading the feedback of my proposal. It was red all over. Then I started writing this piece to distract my mind.

No interpretation needed.