Sunday, April 9, 2017

The World According to Clarkson

Finished this giant book recently. I borrowed it from a local mini library in Bayan Baru...where I regard as my sanctuary.

The mini library was the source of almost all my reading materials as I am very short on cash to be spending on books. Plus I do not own a large space to accommodate all my books. In future, I hope to have a mini library in my own home to store all my stocks of beloved books.

Personally I am not very keen on Clarkson, as he was infamous once upon a while ago for deriding our national car Proton on his television programme. But upon reading his thoughts in writing, I think he is just that kind of person...a person who blurts out anything that crosses his mind. Can't blame him for that.

He also has a sense of humour...a lot of it to be exact. When Clarkson hates something, he hates it with every cell in his body, or in his own word "I hate you at the cellular level". I find this phrase hilarious and stupid, but that's just him.

I won't recommend this book, because it's too thick and too British-centred. But if you have nothing to do in the middle of the night and you can't sleep, this book is excellent. It will make you fall asleep faster.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Call

My father called me very late in the afternoon yesterday.

I was sleeping then, trying to recuperate from my flu. I wrapped up my work and went home early because my runny nose and frail body still bothering me.

I listened intently to my father's grouses (it was about the now infamous Fara..those who diligently monitor our local music scene might have heard about her). I never met her, I knew her through Ogy (Kechik) and how he was captivated by her. And I'm very sure she also knew about me.

I didn't want to meddle much into Ogy's private life. There are stories that were relayed by Ogy to me but was kept hidden from our family. I guess this is the brotherhood spirit.  

While keeping track of my father's story, I was distracted by a song which kept playing in the background. We do not own a radio, so it must be from the TV. Or was it coming from the phone? 

"Adik (Kechik) balik rumah ka?", I asked my father, because I was almost sure his song/voice was playing in the background.

"Balik...esok malam ada show kat Kulim. Tapi dia kluaq pi praktis sat," replied my father, and then he continued berating Fara.

With my phone still on my ear, I went out of my room and found out the sound was coming from my television. "Bukan Untukku" has been made the soundtrack of Akasia's (TV3's special slot for romantic drama, aimed primarily at women's audience) new drama.

There is a story behind this song. So I contacted Ogy (afterwards, after my father finished his call) and he confirmed it. He didn't seem excited, nor did he feel upset either.

All I can say is, almost 70% of what was being said of him (online) is not true. There are a lot of misconceptions and misinformations flying around in the cyberspace, some without even a tinge of truth in it.

If given a bit of a time, I'd like to write down everything that really happened to him. Maybe in the foreseeable future.

Time for dinner. My friends are waiting.       

Sunday, April 2, 2017

English is Weirdly Fun

I am down with a mild strikes at the most inconvenient of times. There's nothing much I could do about it, apart from periodically taking Panadol Soluble to ease my running nose.

Laughter is the best medicine, so they say.  The above sentence is grammatically correct, and it somehow brings a much-needed cheer to my currently dispirited state.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The End of C2 & C4

My beloved C2 and C4 will be eventually sacrificed tomorrow.

C2 and C4 are my monikers for two of my remaining experimental rats which are still alive. Both of them should be euthanised by the end of January, but I somehow managed to keep them breathing until today.

Our Quality Assurance (QA) is constantly bombarding me with a barrage of questions regarding the fate of these two little mammals, which I love very dearly. I understand her predicament that we should adhere to our facility's policy at all times, but I just couldn't find the heart to do it.

Our Study Director (SD) has finally had enough, and he had ordered C2 and C4 to be eliminated tomorrow. I am seriously considering releasing them into the wild...but the consequence is bleak as well...I was told they would meet with an even crueller fate. Being born and bred in lab, they couldn't survive even one day in the wild.

There's nothing more I could do. Farewell C2 and C4. You two will always be remembered.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Real Sunday

Today is the real Sunday, as opposed to yesterday's comical confusion. I had a sophisticated delusional sense of time every day seems to be the same day for me (for the moment, I work on weekends...that's why).

Tomorrow is going to be a hectic day, in fact it's going to be hectic for the whole week as critical phase of our experiment is fast approaching. Despite my tight schedule cramming me up into my office's corner, I managed to squeeze myself out (momentarily) just now to the nearest public library to find some leisure in the company of books.

There's no better way to free your mind from all the hassle of work than immersing yourself in a sea of books! I returned three books, received RM2.70 fine in return (I was late for nine days), then quickly setting my eyes on the shelf for any interesting book. 

My attention was fixed on one book...based on the title alone, I know it's going to be a good read. In all, I borrowed three books; one touches on the discussion of our religion, one revisits the dilemma faced by Malays, and the last one tells the story of Hang Tuah.

It's going to be a good read to distract myself from my work, I'm sure of it.

For movies, this is my updated version, published chronologically.

Have a good weekend. I'm off to finish my work.        

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Sun-Not Day

It's Sunday, meaning, it should be a sunny day. 

But right across my office's window now, I could see dark clouds gradually clumping together.

It should start raining anytime soon, I'm afraid. Possibly a storm.

The weather is extremely unpredictable nowadays...just now, when I went out looking for a new water heater, I was treated with an outrageously blistering heat, enough to fry my outer skin if it were to be left exposed uncovered. 

That's why whenever there was a traffic light ahead, I prayed there would be trees alongside the that I could take a shelter while waiting for the light to turn green.

My hands are currently tied with endless's tedious and unfeasible, but currently it's the only way to get it done. We still do not possess a working and functional computerised system, so it all should be done manually. By me. Alone.

Personally, my mind is both fuzzy and numb...thinking about so many things at once. Sometimes I wish I could turn back the clock, un-doing every stupid thing that I've committed.

But that's not how the world works. The clock will continue clicking...time will continually moving. We are either ahead of time, or time will mercilessly leave us trailing behind.

It's getting darker, and windier. A windstorm is coming. Hope it will wash away this gloomy mood of mine I'm currently in.

P/S (25/03/2017 5.41 P.M)
Just minutes after posting this, I realised today is actually Saturday, not Sunday. I must have been confused by the raging interchange of the weather. Not in the mood to edit or change the title or content of the post, so I'll leave it as it is, with this Post/Script as the end note. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Work is Love

A stack of unprecedented workload is raining on me nowadays, so I don't have much time on cyberspace, let alone on Pancasara.

But I still try to find time catching up on my readings...because reading and writing are what make me refreshed and feel alive.

My colleagues are having pregnancies at the same I have to cover their workload for the time being. I am surrounded by young and expecting mothers in my workplace, and all of them are expecting their first child. 

So it's quite a bizarre situation when they are discussing their tales of pregnancy, while I'm sitting right next to them, drinking coffee. As long as they are not feeling uncomfortable with it, I'm OK with it.

Many interesting things happened this week...the urge to jot it all down is sky-high, but I have to finish my work first (it's Sunday and I'm here in my office). Life is going well at the moment for me...there are bumps ahead, but I'll try not to think about it. Let's cross the bridge when we are there. 

It's no point worrying about problems that you have very limited control of...this piece of wisdom I gathered after watching Passengers yesterday. 

So for the moment, relax and enjoy your work.