Saturday, April 6, 2013

New Pancasara

Is there any significance connected to the date of 6th April 2013?

No...nothing of any significance whatsoever happened today.

So, that's why on this insignificant date, I'll resurface from my long dormancy period. Not that my resurfacing would make this date significant, but instinct tells me this is maybe the right time. No one remembers me anymore, indeed if I dropped dead right now in front of this table, in this locked room, no one would ever realized it.

It's quite easy to manoeuver around when no one knows you. I'd like to be like a meteorite...striking deep inside a person's soul and stretch their imagination beyond believe. I've been through hell...I was burned down to ashes physically and mentally, who would have thought I could arise from the ashes with this much vigour and determination? If I could do it, so do other people.

Arise, Pancasara....spread your wings and fly away from the ashes...never look back. You are the new Pheonix. You are the new Pancasara.