Thursday, October 31, 2013


"Mr Different Shoes!"

She came out of nowhere and greeted me with her lively voice. It was at exactly the same spot as last week. DejaVu? Apparently she fastened her step to catch up with me.

She was that sassy first year nursing student.

We chatted a bit and she revealed more about herself. She hailed from Johore, graduated from matriculation and stay in Cempaka. She was the only student from her batch that took up nursing here in Unimas.

Despite her fragile frame, she has a lot of energy when it comes to conversation. She also has a unique way of speaking, which I can’t explain properly. And some people have this rare gift of being pleasantly very nice looking. I think she is one of those.

Although she was clearly still occupied with my eccentricity (what so strange about wearing different shoes anyway?), I think she'll get used to my way in no time. It is always a good thing to get a new acquaintance.

Among a flurry of events yesterday, that was the only positives.

The rest are mundane, some are almost craps.

I hope today will bring a new, fresh experience. I'm tired of the same old routine.