Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I am what I am

The mid semester questions were direct and straight to the point. I could have finished it by the first 45 minutes and then rushed to catch someone's presentation, but that just wasn't me. I never submitted my answer script early.

As usual, I ended up being the last person to submit my answer. I made full use of the two hour allocations to elaborate on my answers. To the person concern, very sorry I couldn't make it to your presentation session.

Had a progress meeting with my supervisor. He wanted me to add a new section to my project. Azizul didn't quite manage to get a satisfying result with his experiment, so the burden was passed to me. Freddy seemed to hold me in an unfathomable high regards, which puts me in a difficult situation sometimes.

Although I love to have someone who has full faith in me, high expectation can hurt me sometimes. And it can hurt the other person as well if I fail to accomplish his or her whatever wishes. The more hope you placed on someone, the harder the effect of the fall if he or she couldn't get that thing rightly done.

To deviate a little, Sir Alex Ferguson biography was a refreshing revelation. He was at his best again; narcissist, wily, candid and raw. I never really admired him, but I have full respect of what he had done in Manchester.

I used to be very candid in my assessment of people or events. If I like or dislike someone or something, I would say or show it straight away. Somehow I'm holding myself back nowadays due to some circumstances.

And I want to change this. I want to become my former self. Starting today.