Thursday, October 17, 2013

Double Blow

It’s official. I will be the first presenter on the first day of our presentation week. My worst case scenario had been confirmed.

Zila was the first to alert me pertaining to this incoming bad news. At first I thought she was just pulling a prank. But on second thought, I asked myself, when was the last time she played prank on me? Never. That was when I feared for the worst.

And when I started receiving "congratulatory" wishes from my course mates along the corridor, I knew my worst nightmare is slowly creeping into reality.

On top of that, the department had gleefully decided to land me another blow. They had chosen me to be the chairperson for the second day of the presentation. What a landmark decision. They almost gave me a heart attack in swift double moves.

It’s a double blow for me. I think there was a complot to kill me. They wanted to frighten me to death.

I dreaded speaking in front of the crowd. It was like a death sentence. I skipped almost all my awards ceremony because of the stage fright. I even stayed away from my last convocation partly because of that.

I never wanted to be basked in the limelight; I prefer slipping quietly underground below the radar to avoid any public attention. That is my way of life, the one that makes me tick.

I negotiated a secret pact with Zamir…he would be replacing me as the chairperson in a swap deal. As expected, he agreed promptly to my suggestion, without any hassle. He loves all the attention, all the public spotlight…he is the right person for the job, not me. I think the public would be amused by his thick British accent.

I solved one problem, but couldn't do anything about the other. As usual, I’ll just plan for the worst, and hope for the best.