Wednesday, October 2, 2013


I just received a message from Nithya. She never messaged me this deep into late night, something bad must have happened.

She had to change her proposal, because her title was changed at the very last minute. Most of her initial proposal was rendered useless in the blink of an eye. All her hard work and perseverance (she stayed up directly for countless days to complete her proposal) basically had gone down the drain. She had to alter most of the contents…even her species was changed.

In short, she needs to do everything again from scratch. To describe her situation as unlucky is truly an understatement. This is an outright disaster.

I must admit that I’m a bit worried for her…she doesn't seem strong enough to hold off this impending test. She once confessed to me that she gave up easily when the going gets tough. She’s a nice young woman…with a bit of a character. She asked me to teach her and her boyfriend squash, to which I readily accepted.

I would never forget her sincere concern when I was about to crack under the same pressure a couple of weeks back. She was the one who consoled me in my time of hardship here. I know she won’t be reading this, as she doesn't even aware of the existence of this clandestine blog, but I do hope that she'd be able to brave this trials and tribulations successfully.  

I discovered this evening that my title was also not in accordance with the one submitted to our course coordinator. Tough days are coming, for sure. And many students from the retiring Dr Petrus’ charge were asked to pick new title as per the instruction from their new supervisor. More tough days are coming, I guess.

I better sleep now. Things have gone haywire lately…hope I could keep my sanity.