Saturday, July 26, 2014

That weird dream...

I couldn't sleep last night. I lay on my bed trying hard to sleep but I just couldn't. Something was bothering my mind. Was it because of the phone call I received last evening?

Dad called to inform me that sister has just arrived home. Good for her...but bad for me. He advised me against coming home this morning...or even tomorrow. What the fuck? I can't even go back to my own hometown during raya celebration? What am I supposed to do here in this DAP's dominated rule land? Now that is a bit racist I know. No...not racist...politicist? Is there such a word? Whatever the fuck.

In my dream (I couldn't sleep but still I could dream. That's just me), I went out with a couple of friends for late night drink. How the hell did I manage to convince them to go out with me late that night, I have no idea. I recognized one of them to be a certain Aaqillah Amr. The rest, I was not quite sure who they were. But she vanished midway through our outing, which drove me insane. I frantically searched her as I feared for her safety. Along the way, I encountered strange incidents...which I couldn't exactly remember. I failed to locate her...much to my dismay.

I was awakened by a strange noise. Not again? Something was rumbling off the top of my roof. I thought there was nobody upside there. Whatever. Just stay there and don't come down. Smelled like it was going to rain (yes I could smell rain), so I went out to pick my clothes. Stopped midway through the stairs as I noticed a gang of dogs were loitering around the corridor. I stared at them, they stared back at me. One of them barked boisterously and started running towards me. Fuck it dog. I ran towards my room. Luckily that stupid dog stopped chasing me.

Checked my mail and received replies from my possible supervisors. One of them asked me whether I wanted to do a post-graduate or post-doctoral? What is the difference by the way? I answered her in the most possible polite way. Well I just couldn't say to her "whatever would do, bitch" didn't I? That would just ruin everything. I need to keep my sanity.

I think I'm not that stable now. Better stop writing before I drift further. See then. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

It's a Friday!

Woke up quite early today...around 9 a.m. 

Heard strange noises last night...but I ignored it because I was too much very sleepy. I found out that my bread was pried open by something. Was it cat? or dog? or something else? I didn't lock my room's window last night. It was kind of creepy.

This is the first time I write after a very long hiatus. Even people very closed to me sometimes are very confused with my priority or preferences. It makes me very sad sometimes. But that's life I guess. No one will ever fully understand you.

I will start pouring my thoughts and emotions in this blog beginning today. Sharing is the best word to describe Pancasara has and will always be my best buddy.

Till then...chin up and cheer up. A very good Friday is on the way.