Friday, October 18, 2013

"Let's just desert him then..."

I was just finishing my class when I met Giha, Fatin and Yam in front of the office.

Giha had just received the corrective version of her presentation slides. She needed to overhaul almost everything…pretty much it means starting over from scratch.

Then she showed me a message from our supervisor, Freddy the great, which was posted on our FYP group’s page. Freddy asked me the other week why we kept eerily silent whenever he mailed anything to us.

I threw my two cents worth of opinion, stating that mail is so old-fashioned, so yesterday…facebook is the order of this new crop of generation. Facebook is funky, mail is so quirky. It was then decided that he would create a facebook group specially catered for us…which left me in limbo.

I never had one…and never wanted to have one, not even a fake one. Please don’t force me. I’d rather die than having one.

I decided to stick to my status quo. I prefer e-mails. But Freddy stuck to his newfound idea. That was when the battle of our ego’s erupted.

In that facebook posting, Freddy apparently plotted with everyone else to ditch me, or in his exact word "Let’s just desert him then…". Of course it enraged me.

Looking at the content of the group page, it was heavily loaded with updates, announcement and current information. I was not only left deserted, I was also left deprived of all the crucial updates and information.

I relented at last, I had to put my ego behind, for the sake of my future. It took those three people to create my first ever account. I promised somebody in the past that I would never create a facebook account, which explained why I let those three of my friends there create that account for me. At least I didn't break my long-held promise.

That also explained my hell-bent attitude against facebook.

Have a mock presentation tomorrow. Time to refocus.