Thursday, December 25, 2008

Three months after...

The last time I wrote something in this blog, it was a distant three months back.

Nothing much changed then...only I am now three months older. And three months wiser than before, I guess.

I am back in my old room, this time with a better internet connection. I sported a wireless device hanging just next to my room. Maybe that stupid thing improved the connectivity.

Just finished reading three books. I love reading, but I have this one particular bad habit residing deep inside me. Whenever I read good books, I have great difficulty to finish it. I may get bored towards the end...or lose interest entirely. Finally, managed to ward off this stupid habit of mine.

"Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell was an exceptional piece. I read it with great interest towards the end. Then, I re-read "Mullahs, Merchants and Militants" (the first time, I was stuck halfway) and able to finish it some weeks later. I even brought that hardcover book to my sister's house during a visit. She thought it was entitled "Mulan". How funny. I read it on the sofa until I fall asleep.

Next is John Mason "The Impossible Is Possible". Although it was heavy in Christian's value, but it was still a good read.

And just last night, I wrapped up Jane Austen's " Guide To Dating". It was time I bought this book almost a year before. But this lovely book gave valuable insights towards understanding relationship between man and woman.

And I currently working towards finishing M Bakri Musa "Towards A Competitive Malaysia" as soon as possible. And almost five to six books are waiting on the shelf...still not sure whether I have the necessary time to finish all those.

"You are what you read". I hold this principle dear to my heart.

There was a time in the past, when I went to state library in Alor Setar. It was Friday, and I parked my motorcycle inside the library's parking area. The library would be temporarily closed during Jumaat prayer's, so I thought it would be better off to leave my Wave 100 there, as I would be coming back to the library later.

The library re-opened at around three, and I went back to the library. I was the last person to leave the library in the evening. As I was approaching my motorcycle, came a shout out of nowhere, with a strong voice.

"So this is the owner of this motorcycle! You know the whole staff are looking for you!"

"Looking for me? What for?"

"You dare asking me what for ?! You left your motorcycle here when the library is closed. They fear someone was left inside the library. They abandon their Friday prayers just to look for you!"

By this period, I knew this guard was exaggerating the incident. The whole staff looked calm and collected inside the library, as if nothing happened. I bet they didn't even knew about this minor incident. This guard was bluffing right under my nose.

"Is it? Pity them then. If they couldn't find the owner of this motorcycle, just go and observe their prayer first. The library's going to open at three after big deal. The owner will come back by fuss"

"How dare you said like that! You want me to call the police? You want to be charged by the police ?"

"Call the police? and be charged on what account? For parking inside a Public Library during Friday prayer's? Or for causing the whole staff to abandon their Friday prayer's in search of me?"

This guard thought I was a school kid, and can be easily frightened when mentioned about the police. The whole staff looking for me was a made up story, at best they didn't even noticed there was a motorcycle left inside the compound. Plus that library is so small that you didn't have to waste your entire Friday prayer's time to locate a person.

The guard left me afterwards, and he headed towards a man who had just about to start his motorcycle. He bad-mouthed me to him...and I could hear it very clearly. He repeatedly told that man that I was behaving "kurang ajar" to him.

He made a mountain out of a molehill.

Then I left, fearing that the whole staff would next abandon their Maghrib prayer looking for a person. Maybe they would abandon Isyak and Subuh prayers as well, if I were to leave my motorcycle there overnight. Pity that guard, and his 'full of exaggerations' story.