Thursday, December 25, 2008

Three months after...

The last time I wrote something in this blog, it was a distant three months back.

Nothing much changed then...only I am now three months older. And three months wiser than before, I guess.

I am back in my old room, this time with a better internet connection. I sported a wireless device hanging just next to my room. Maybe that stupid thing improved the connectivity.

Just finished reading three books. I love reading, but I have this one particular bad habit residing deep inside me. Whenever I read good books, I have great difficulty to finish it. I may get bored towards the end...or lose interest entirely. Finally, managed to ward off this stupid habit of mine.

"Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell was an exceptional piece. I read it with great interest towards the end. Then, I re-read "Mullahs, Merchants and Militants" (the first time, I was stuck halfway) and able to finish it some weeks later. I even brought that hardcover book to my sister's house during a visit. She thought it was entitled "Mulan". How funny. I read it on the sofa until I fall asleep.

Next is John Mason "The Impossible Is Possible". Although it was heavy in Christian's value, but it was still a good read.

And just last night, I wrapped up Jane Austen's " Guide To Dating". It was time I bought this book almost a year before. But this lovely book gave valuable insights towards understanding relationship between man and woman.

And I currently working towards finishing M Bakri Musa "Towards A Competitive Malaysia" as soon as possible. And almost five to six books are waiting on the shelf...still not sure whether I have the necessary time to finish all those.

"You are what you read". I hold this principle dear to my heart.

There was a time in the past, when I went to state library in Alor Setar. It was Friday, and I parked my motorcycle inside the library's parking area. The library would be temporarily closed during Jumaat prayer's, so I thought it would be better off to leave my Wave 100 there, as I would be coming back to the library later.

The library re-opened at around three, and I went back to the library. I was the last person to leave the library in the evening. As I was approaching my motorcycle, came a shout out of nowhere, with a strong voice.

"So this is the owner of this motorcycle! You know the whole staff are looking for you!"

"Looking for me? What for?"

"You dare asking me what for ?! You left your motorcycle here when the library is closed. They fear someone was left inside the library. They abandon their Friday prayers just to look for you!"

By this period, I knew this guard was exaggerating the incident. The whole staff looked calm and collected inside the library, as if nothing happened. I bet they didn't even knew about this minor incident. This guard was bluffing right under my nose.

"Is it? Pity them then. If they couldn't find the owner of this motorcycle, just go and observe their prayer first. The library's going to open at three after big deal. The owner will come back by fuss"

"How dare you said like that! You want me to call the police? You want to be charged by the police ?"

"Call the police? and be charged on what account? For parking inside a Public Library during Friday prayer's? Or for causing the whole staff to abandon their Friday prayer's in search of me?"

This guard thought I was a school kid, and can be easily frightened when mentioned about the police. The whole staff looking for me was a made up story, at best they didn't even noticed there was a motorcycle left inside the compound. Plus that library is so small that you didn't have to waste your entire Friday prayer's time to locate a person.

The guard left me afterwards, and he headed towards a man who had just about to start his motorcycle. He bad-mouthed me to him...and I could hear it very clearly. He repeatedly told that man that I was behaving "kurang ajar" to him.

He made a mountain out of a molehill.

Then I left, fearing that the whole staff would next abandon their Maghrib prayer looking for a person. Maybe they would abandon Isyak and Subuh prayers as well, if I were to leave my motorcycle there overnight. Pity that guard, and his 'full of exaggerations' story.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Brief History Of Time - Reminiscent of old Aidilfitri...

I arrived home very late last night. It was very dark, clouds still shrouding across the sky even though the rain had long stopped. I braved this darkness I've done it quite a few times before. My mother was already slept, but she woke up upon hearing the drumming sound of my Wave 100 motorcycle.

She openned the back door, so I could squeezed my Wave 100 in. There's a lot of thieves lurking outside, so it would be much safer to keep this priceless Wave 100 of mine inside the house.

Mother looked at me. From top to toe. I realized her action, but I pretended Ididn't. I've been away close to half a year. The last time I've been home was when my sister got married. And that was December last year. Maybe not...I did came back somewhere between that, once...but I couldn't remember properly.

She must have missed me very much.

I headed straight to my sister's room. My sister wasn't home. According to mother, she'll only be home on Saturday. I'll be staying in her room for the moment.

My father was away working...and my younger brother was away too, with his new motorcycle. Father is fast reaching his 60's...he shouldn't be working any longer. He should have had a good rest at home by now. It was all my fault. At 23, I should be working. But due to some circumstances, I didn't. And my youngest brother was already in his dreams.

This was the second successive years I've been home at the eleventh hour for Aidilfitri. I couldn't help it...Syawal no longer a charm for me. It was all gone.

During my early years, I used to get very excited as Aidilfitri loomed. Aidilfitri was the day of the year for me back then.

My mother would dressed me and my brother up early in the morning. After making sure we were both neatly dressed, my father would then send us to Tok's house.

We never wore Baju Melayu. Mother and father preferred us to wear normal shirt and trousers...albeit a new one. There in Tok's house, we would stood there doing nothing. I remember on one occasion, I stood haplessly in the kitchen, wondering what to do next. I didn't have any clue of what I was doing. Tok would just passed by us because she was too busy preparing dishes.

When she finished, we would eat together. Then Tok would gave us 'duit raya'. Mother and father would arrived later to join the celebration.

I didn't go around the village collecting money untill I was in primary 3 or 4. I had very few friends...I would just stayed at Tok's house the whole morning of Raya. Usually I visited Pak Chaq during the interval, and not to forget my grandmother. And I would went straight back home after that.

On one occasion, on the way home from Tok's house, a cow let loose and ran straight towards me. As it darted towards me, I was so frightened that I went down awkwardly to the ground even though the cow never touched me. But then I claimed to my mother that I was hit by a cow. I didn't mean to deceive her, but at that time, I was very confident that wild cow really hit me. I guessed it was just my wild imagination.

Nek would gave out RM10 for 'Duit Raya' most of the time. She kept her money under her pillow. Somewhere in 1999, her health deteriorated, and she was transferred to Tok's house. So that she could be under close scrutiny from all of us. Everybody loved her, and everybody took turn to take care of her.

Pak Ngah was the best thing in my life during those years. Whenever mother mentioned that Pak Ngah would come, I'd almost jumping in joy. He owned a car, and he loved to take us around in his car. We haven't had any car at our disposal, that was the case. Aidilfitri would never be the same without him.

As I grew older, I started to gain friends. My friendship with Pi-on, Azimie and the rest prospered. Together with Pi-on, we never failed to accompany each other visiting from house to house, collecting 'Duit Raya'.

A sure destination was 'Salem Cool Planet' house. We called it so because the house owner planted a Pine tree in front of his house. And it resembled perfectly the tree we saw almost everyday in Salem commercial that was hugely popular back then. They would served us Pepsi or Coke, that was the reason why we loved 'Salem Cool Planet' house very much.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The glitch that glitters

I am a frequent visitor to Dossnet cybercafe. I do have an internet connection back at my lovely room, but it's way too suck to be good. USM, despite it's status as the sole and the first University in Malaysia to be awarded the prestigious APEX status just recently, is lagging behind in terms of it's internet connectivity.

Dossnet charges RM2 per hour, but they cleverly set up a membership account to attract and maintain regular customers. For those who signed up as their member, the charge is down to RM1.50 per hour. I happily subscribe to this kind of shit to enjoy that 5o cents privilege.

The problem is, this membership programme has its own shortcomings. The idea is good, the implementation is not that good, and the end result is as good as shit. First, there was a glitch in the system that erased all the membership pre-paid amounts. My good RM10 that I paid on the registration was gone. Luckily, they generously credited extra RM10 back into my account. For free! Stupid cybercafe.

Last night, as usual I tried to log on using my username. But failed. Crap motherfucker. That idiot guy told me there was a glitch in the sytem. Again! This time, all the passwords have been gone. So they set up a new password for every members. 1234, that was the default password for everybody. Once connected, we could change the password accordingly.

A wild imagination struck my mind almost immediately. 'Members' don't usually frequented this cybercafe on a daily basis. Given that they didn't visit this stupid cybercafe for days, there exists a loophole. A BIG loophole. If I could hijack their username and change their password before they do, I could enjoy surfing here for free. There's some fun there, isn't it?. I'm always a big fan of anything to do with the word 'free'.

I pretended my pre-paid was exhausted (which awkwardly is true), so I need to top up the amount. As Qiqi, that damn cute worker searched my username on the main computer, I glanced through all the available usernames. I registered it all on my mind almost immediately. When it comes to remembering something, my memory is in the class of its own. Fucking genius.

I tried one of the username, and it worked as planned. Shit. I'm a genius. I succesfully turned the glitch in the sytem into glitters for my own benefit. It was their fault for failing to curb my curiosity and supreme imagination. I just took advantage of their own shortcomings.

So here I am...surfing this shit called internet in this damn bloody idiot CC for free. Muahahaha!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Off you go...

After much consideration, I've decided to temporarily closed Pancasara from outside visitors.

From now onwards, this blog would be fully mine. Only me can read this blog. Muahaha.

I'm currently having to deal with a galactically big problem. A supernova kind of problem. Even I myself are not sure whether I can weather this kind of storm in the end, but I'll try my very best.

To quote Tun Dr Mahathir,

"Extreme situation needs extreme measures"

And extreme measures need an extremist to give this fucking problem a headstart.

I'll be an extremist then. Haha. Kannasai!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

How big is our Universe?

"If the Earth is the size of a pea in New York, then the Sun is a beachball 50m away, Pluto is 4km away, and the next nearest star is in Tokyo. Now shrink Pluto's orbit into a coffee cup; then our Milky Way Galaxy fills North America." — Wayne Hayes.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Revolution of Mi

Dalam beberapa hari lepas, hari jadi aku yang dah ke berapa puluh dah baru berlalu.

Tak sangka, ramai jugak yang masih hargai kewujudan aku.
Pada yang wish, aku betul-betul rasa terima kasih.

Mengimbau balik, aku telah dilahirkan di Kangar, Perlis.
Dan diberi nama Mohd Suhaimi bin Kamarudin.

Masa kecik-kecik, mak dengan abah panggil aku 'abang'.
Kakak sekali panggil aku abang, walaupun kakak lagi tua pada aku.

Bila adik aku lahir, aku dipanggil 'chaq'.
Panggilan tu kekal sampi hari ni.

Masuk sekolah rendah, kawan-kawan panggil aku 'Mi'.
Cikgu semua pun turut sama panggil aku 'Mi'.

Masa darjah 5-6, sepupu aku si Zahid yang mula-mula menggelar aku 'SK'.
Singkatan kepada 'Suhaimi-Khadijah'.

Entah kenapa, aku kuat digossip dengan kawan sekelas, Khadijah, masa sekolah rendah dulu.
Penggosip utama tak lain tak bukan adalah Azimie.

Tapi Azimie dan Khadijah sekarang pasangan tunang.
Mungkin akan kahwin tak lama lagi.

Busra pulak orang yang mula-mula panggil aku 'sumi'.
Panggilan paling pelik pernah aku dengar sampai hari ni.

Masuk sekolah menengah, lagi jauh terpesong.
Orang panggil aku 'Ewok'...walaupun aku tak dapat ingat senior mana yang mula-mula lekatkan gelaran tu pada aku.

Masa di Kulim, aku dapat lagi panggilan baru.

Ada yang panggil Suhaimi Squash.
Ada yang panggil Suhaimi cuti...sebab aku terlampau banyak ponteng kuliah.

Nates yang mula-mula bagi gelaran Suhaimi cuti.
Siap lakar dekat loker lagi gelaran bagi semua ahli Dorm Damai.

Di USM, tak banyak perubahan sangat.
Rata-rata kekalkan panggilan Mi.

Masa aku mula kerja, Ah Yong panggil aku mi.
Tak lama lepas tu, bila dah rapat, dipanggilnya aku 'mee goreng'.

Kawan aku, Zimah UPM pulak panggil aku 'mee'.
Rasa macam kelakar...tapi mungkin tu cara dia.

Rata-rata kat tempat kerja panggil aku 'Ah-Mi'.
Mungkin sebab majoriti situ orang cina.

Semua ada 'Ah' kat depan...Ah Bee, Ah Aeing, Ah Yong, Ah Chin.

Kawan aku, Saiful, dipanggil 'Saifool'.
Nasib baik bukan Ah Fool...lain macam pulak bunyi dengar.

Lagi 10 tahun, orang akan panggil aku 'Dato'.
Kemudian 'Dato' Seri'.

Dan bila aku dah 60-an, orang akan panggil 'Tun'.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Better to understand a little...

...than to misunderstand a lot.

When I was dining out alone some two months back, I overheard a conversation between two persons.

It can't be help, I already developed this nasty habit of always eager to hear what other people are talking about. To those who know me, I am an extremely quiet and introvert person, the one who rarely strikes a conversation unless I feel I really have to.

These two young boys were talking about their future. One of them claimed to have been accepted into University of Malaya, one of our premier University. According to him, he was on way to enroll into Bio-Technology course, which I think comes under the Faculty of Biology.

I felt quite excited, after all, this young boy was going to study Science in UM. Quite an achievement. I listened carefully to what he was going to say next. He must have achieved a considerable good result in order to be accepted into the elite University.

But a moment later, my excitement was fast turning out to be an utter disappointment.

His friend asked him, what Bio-Technology would be like.

He gave this answer.

“Something to do with moving objects without requiring any technological machine, only by using biological advancement”

What the hell?

I know one such course (if there exist any) which can move objects without any technological assistance. That is called Black Magic machine or technological assistance, only Bomoh's assistance.

I am no scientist. But as far as I'm concern, Bio-Technology deals mainly with genetic.

He understood the question, no doubt. But he tried to provide answer even though he was clueless. Because nowadays person with answer is seen as smarter, whereas person with a lot of questions tend to be viewed as dumber.

But it is not necessarily true.

I remember a quote I collected on the internet (which I saved in my hard-drive) a few years back.

"It is better to know some of the questions than all of the answers." - James Thurber

We are living in a world which people prefer quick answers...without even knowing the real questions. In other words, we still do not know the real problems, but we are swiftly looking for the solutions. We don't want to be called stupid.

As happened to me during my secondary school. Teachers were clueless as what was happening to me...but they never asked me. And they never noticed or try to understand my "real" problems...yet they constantly looking for answers.

How could they solved my problems without knowing my real problems? Weird.

We should pause and think for a Albert Einstein put it "The important thing is not to stop questioning"

For me, the one who asked the question to his friend should get an A for his curiosity...but the Bio-Technology-to-be guy should get an F for his ignorance (or should I say for his stupidity to look clever?)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Juara lagi...

Buat kesekian kalinya, aku kembali menjuarai kejuaraan Liga Fifa, versi 2008.

Pertama kali aku join Liga Fifa, pada 2007, di bilik Fisal.

Aku menang tanpa sebarang cabaran...jauh meninggalkan pesaing-pesaing yang lain beberapa tiang di belakang.

Aku tak main tiga game terakhir...sebab dah confirm menang. Team aku waktu tu cuma AC Milan.

Aku mula main Fifa secara serius bermula 2006. Masa tu, teruk aku kena belasah dengan Fahim dari BootSector...seingat aku dia menang 7-0.

Aku tergolong dalam kalangan orang yang degil. Kalau nak buat sesuatu, sama ada aku buat betul-betul, atau aku tak buat langsung. Tak ada istilah B, C, atau D dalam hidup aku, cuma ada A atau F.

Lepas kekalahan memalukan tu, tiap-tiap hari aku berkunjung ke BootSector...aku mula berlatih balik dari mula...dari akar.

Lepas beberapa bulan, aku berjaya kalahkan Fahim. Tapi aku takkan lupa jasa dia yang banyak tunjuk ajar aku selok-belok Fifa.

Firdaus selalu jugak ajak lawan...selalunya di Infinity. Tapi mungkin sampai sekarang dia tak sedar, kebanyakan game yang dia menang, aku sengaja bagi...untuk tak bagi dia patah semangat.

Lagipun cuma Daus satu-satunya teman aku untuk main Fifa waktu tu. Fifa yang membuatkan aku dan Daus begitu rapat.

Untuk versi 2007, ada dua edisi Liga Fifa. Satunya tanpa penyertaan Fuad, penyandang juara edisi sebelumnya (aku belum bertanding).

Edisi pertama Liga 2007 dijuarai oleh Zul. Aku nombor dua...Zul Sabah kedudukan terakhir.

Untuk edisi kedua, aku di tangga ketiga...paling teruk pernah aku dapat. Undian pasukan yang aku dapat ialah Lyon...sampai hari ni aku masih terfikir, kalau aku dapat pasukan lain selain Lyon, mungkin aku ada harapan cerah untuk juara.

Tapi akur dengan syarat pertandingan, aku tak merungut walau sedikitpun.

Dan aku tebus balik dengan kejayaan bergaya di Liga 2008 yang baru berakhir. Aku cuma bolos dua gol...dan mengekalkan rekod bersih tanpa kalah sepanjang pertandingan.

Yang paling manis, aku cuma guna Liverpool! Pasukan yang paling lemah antara kalangan yang bertanding. Terima kasih pada Torres yang menyumbang hampir 90% gol kemenangan aku.

Aku tak banyak berlatih secara fizikal...aku cuma tak berhenti berfikir pasal bola. Setiap saat dan ketika, aku fikir taktik dan skill yang perlu aku guna masa Liga...berbeza dengan lain yang hanya berlatih depan komputer, kemudian bila tak nampak komputer, segalanya hilang.

Takkan ada kejayaan tanpa usaha. Bakat takkan ke mana tanpa usaha yang berterusan. Mungkin kelebihan aku adalah tak mudah terpengaruh dengan serangan psikologi...walaupun aku sendiri tak pasti. Rasa gugup kadang-kadang akan menutup terus segala kelebihan yang kita ada.

Ini Liga yang terakhir. Lepas ni semuanya akan terpisah...mencari arah hidup masing-masing. Surat Perjanjian merangkap Watikah Kemenangan akan aku simpan baik-baik...tak ternilai harganya...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The next Nicol David?

Taken from The Star
Monday December 10, 2007

VANESSA Raj was the toast of the Penang elite squash squad when she returned the Nicol David Challenge Trophy to the state after a two-year absence.

Her efforts at the Muadzam Shah courts in Alor Star also helped Penang secure the team title at the national Milo-Elite squash tournament for Under-12 players.

Vanessa beat Celine Yeap 9-0, 9-5, 9-1 in an all-Penang final.

This is the sixth time that a Penangite had won the coveted trophy since its inception nine years ago by Nestle to unearth talented players for admission to the Bukit Jalil Sports School.

The inaugural winner was Sarawakian June Tiong (1999). Since then, Penang players have won it every year except in 2005 and 2006 when Tan Yan Xin and Yong Sue Ann, both from Selangor, captured the trophy.
The past winners from Penang were Nabila Ariffin (2000), Low Wee Wern (2001 and 2002), Nas-serine Ariffin (2003) and Low Wee Nee (2004).

“I am so proud to become the holder of the Nicol David challenge trophy and at the same time put Penang back on the pedestal.

“I dedicate this win to my parents (Robert and Flomina) for their support and encouragement and my coach of one-and-a-half years, Khoo Teng Hin,” said a bea-ming Vanessa.

As for attending school at Bukit Jalil, she said that she had not come to a decision yet.

Her coach Teng Hin said: “Vanessa has good potential to become a future champion. She has made tremendous strides under my tutelage.”

She was attracted to the game at six through her elder brother Brian’s involvement.

Brian is the reigning Penang Under-18 champion.

In the inter-team final against Selangor, Vanessa scored the winning point for Penang by beating Yong Sue Ann 9-7, 9-3, 9-4.

Lim Jee Nee had given Penang the opening point with a hard-fought four-set victory over T. Mithila, 3-9, 9-1, 9-3, 9-3.

Meanwhile, Shaun Kwan played a pivotal role in Kuala Lumpur’s success by winning the boys’ Ong Beng Hee individual trophy and the inter-team title.

In the individual final, Shaun defeated his team-mate Mohd Hanan 9-6, 5-9, 10-8, 9-2.

He also helped Kuala Lumpur to overcome Pahang 2-0 in the inter-team final with a 9-0, 9-5, 9-5 win against Al Nikc Ally Abdul Rahim.

Raja Abas Raja Azman had given Kuala Lumpur the first point by beating Choh Calveen 9-6, 9-2, 9-0.

A total of 120 players from all the states except Perak participated in this annual tournament.


I first met Vanessa two years ago. In 2006, I took up squash to fulfill my co-curriculum requirements. USM imposed a regulation to complete certain unit of co-curriculum activities for undergraduates, ranging from archery, badminton, swimming, tennis and lots more. Failing to meet this requirement would exempt us from graduating.

I am no stranger to squash. I was MSSM Malacca under 15 silver medallist in 2000, and won gold medal in the team event the same year. In 2003, I was made captain to lead KMK in which I won every match, only dropping a set against a KMJ player. The rest, I won with straight set.

When I arrived in USM, I faced a harsh reality. There was a hell of good players here. I struggled to keep up, and finally resigned from taking squash too seriously.

I subsequently lost interest in squash...the game which I once regarded as " The Beautiful Game"

It was not until one late afternoon, when I decided to stay back after the class had dismissed. I played alone...trying to recapture my lost stroke. Squash is a game of art...a very beautiful art. If we hit the ball correctly, the ball will keep bouncing beautifully until it came back to us.

An Indian family entered, a woman with her daughter and son.

Feeling tired and worn out, I took a rest.

The woman asked me to be his son's sparring offer I couldn't refused. A young boy in his fifteen's, I thought I could teach him some lessons. After all, I have 5 years experience in squash, and had competed in numerous high-level tournaments.

But, in the end, it was him who had taught me some painful lessons. He crushed me 9-0, 9-0...without dropping a single point. I was sparring with a monster, albeit a young one.

He was non other than Brian...then a rising 13 year old squash prodigy. He is the elder brother of Vanessa. Fresh from winning the under 15 title, he was on a break before embarking on another tournament. Personally, I was not quite pleased with his somewhat arrogant attitude. But he was an incredible player...the reason (for me) it was OK for him to be a bit arrogant.

Vanessa was then an innocent ten year old girl. She constantly refused to strike the ball...citing she was tired as an excuse. Her mother asked her to have me as her sparring partner. She hesitated at first, but accepted her mother's request later on.

As a 20 year old boy, I was certainly stronger and faster than her. But she constantly outwitted me with her excellent shot. She has a very good stroke...and excellent technique too.

But whenever she failed to strike the ball properly, she would throw out her racquet and sat at the center of the court all alone. After all, she was only ten. Her emotion got the better of her almost all the time...something that her mother was trying really hard to fix.

When squash classes ended, I rarely went to the squash court. The last time I saw her, she was already about my height. She'd grown up rapidly...and she keeps improving up to this day. Gone are the days when I was able to bully her around in the court. She certainly can humiliate me at ease nowadays...the way her elder brother did to me.

It's not long before she could succeed Nicol David as the world number one. And I'm quite sure she can.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Beijing 2008

I was still in form 3 when Sydney 2000 took full stride. I could still recall how I watched Koji Ito ran...and I laughed, because he looked silly.

I sat in my Deputy's Dean Office during Athens 2004...eagerly listening to his somewhat boring and monotonous lectures. I skipped too many I met him, to apply for a 'special leave'. He refused to grant me the leave, but he did assure me that he won't bar me from sitting for my final exams.

This time, I'm fully prepared to tackle Beijing 2008 more seriously. I've squandered too many opportunities to really enjoy the charm and magic of Olympics. It won't happen again this time.

Hopefully, when London 2012 commence, I'll be in a much proper condition. Maybe I'll be in London then...furthering my studies. Who knows?

By Kuala Lumpur 2020, Malaysia should be able to win a couple of gold...and hopefully breaking a handful of world records too.

But for now, just hoping for our first Olympics gold medal to finally arrive...even though I still doubt it very much...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tales of Hang Tuah

By Maharaja Setia Tun Kasturi

This is the story of a person whom I respect the most. His name was Tuah bin Mahmud. I am pleased to tell the story about this young Malay who had shaped the history of the Melaka Sultanate and became the source of inspiration to millions of people.

Hang Tuah was a Malay. An "Orang Laut" to be exact. Son of Hang Mahmud and Dang Merdu Wati. Born in Bentan, his family migrated to Sungai Duyung, Melaka when Tuah was still a toddler. He had lived through the reigns of 6 Sultans - Sultan Muhammad Shah, Raja Ibrahim, Sultan Muzaffar Shah, Sultan Mansur Shah, Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah and died during the reign of Sultan Mahmud Shah.

He was born in the mid 1430's. We first met him at a wedding of Jebat's eldest sister right after the coronation of Raja Kassim (Sultan Muzaffar Shah). He was older than the 7 of us although I suspect Jebat was slightly older than him because his voice broke much earlier than Tuah. Jebat was our group leader then. The rest of us were myself, Lekir, Lekiu, Hassan, Hussain and Iskandar. Jebat’s sister had just married Bentara Hamzah Datuk Bongkok. Hamzah was recently appointed as Bentara in the new Sultan’s court and we all wanted to be just like him.

During the day, we imagined ourselves as the young Melaka heroes who would vanquish the armies of Siam or fight the Javanese pirates singlehandedly and save Melaka from any invaders forever. And at night, all 8 of us would gather at Hamzah's house and listen to his adventures in the palace.

Through the advice of Hamzah, we were sent to Gunung Ledang to learn martial arts from his former mentor, Sang Adiputra. We stayed there for 2 years. Hassan, Hussain and Iskandar did not come with us as their parents moved to Inderapura (now Pahang).

I remember Sang Adiputra once foretold that Jebat would have been a greater warrior than Tuah but his own recklessness will be his downfall. Jebat was clearly a stronger warrior than Tuah. But he was impatient at times and where Tuah lack in strength, he made it up with tremendous agility and cunning. Thus, a stronger warrior does not mean a better one. It was there in one of the caves in Gunung Ledang that Tuah was made our leader. Sang Adiputra told Jebat to listen to Tuah and never doubt his actions. To Tuah, he adviced him to be sincere and serve Melaka as he sees fit. Above all, he wanted all of us to take care of each other.

Upon our return, Melaka had a new Bendahara whom everyone had proclaimed a hero upon his victory over the Siamese armies up north. Tun Perak was indeed a charismatic Bendahara. He was in his 30's when he became a Bendahara. Tall and almost regal in nature, he inherited the qualites of his late father, the old bendahara during Sultan Muhammad Shah's reign.

When a group of "orang laut" ran amok in the main market near the docks, Bendahara Tun Perak had just came out from the Syahbandar's meeting hall. It was unfortunate that he brought only 3 guards with him. Eventhough Tun Perak could easily strike down a few of them, the overwhelming numbers of the orang laut had joined in and started to encircle the helpless Bendahara. All five of us, not more than 16 years old, fought along beside the Bendahara and his guards while waiting for help.

In the end, nearly 20 of the orang laut had been killed while Jebat and myself were slightly wounded in the legs. Lekir lost his little finger in the process. Only Tuah was left unscratched. Tun Perak was so impressed that he appointed all of us as Biduanda and we worked as Tun Perak's special retinue from henceforth.

We were living in an exciting times as Sultan Muzaffar Shah was the first of the warrior sultan in the dynasty. All his previous ancestors were more of a merchant than a warrior. Melaka was in the midst of expansion and we were swept along with it. We travelled a lot during those days. All of us even followed the younger brother of Tun Perak (Tun Perpatih Putih) to Beijing as part of an envoy to help bolster the diplomatic relations between Melaka and China. Emperor Zheng Tong was so pleased with the eloquent speech of Tun Perpatih Putih and the gifts by Sultan Mansur Shah that he gave one of his niece, Li Poh to become a wife to the Sultan.

At first Princess Li Poh was not pleased and would show her sadness openly during our voyage home. But during the journey, Jebat would use his charm and tell funny stories to soothe her worry. We even called her 'Hang' Li Poh just to make herself feel accepted as one of us. In later years, her son Paduka Mimat would help Tuah in his adventures of finding the elusive Puteri Gunung Ledang.

One of the best adventures to have been taken place was when we went to Majapahit two years after Sultan Mansur Shah was coronated in 1459. Tuah was already a Laksamana replacing Tun Hamzah Datuk Bongkok who was sent by the Sultan as the Governor of Inderapura. Sultan Mansur wanted an ally to fight off the repeated threats from Siam. He offered to marry one of King of Majapahit's daughters in exchange of safe trading routes for Majapahit's vassals. Not pleased with the apparent blackmail, Raja Girisawardhana wanted to test the strength of Melaka warriors first. If our warrior loses, then Majapahit will not need the Sultan's protection. If we win, then he will bestow his daughter, Raden Galuh Chandera Kirana to Sultan Mansur as wife.

Back from the borders of Majapahit, fresh from the rest after the battles with neighbouring kingdoms, Taming Sari, the greatest of all Majapahit warriors, stood face to face with Tun Tuah in the crowded palatial courtyard. It was mid morning. The sun was shining brightly. Tuah hated the weather in Majapahit. It was too hot, too soon. Some say Taming Sari's keris had magical properties. As first glance, it was nothing more than a simple keris, with wooden hilt, and almost rustic looking. But the blade was gleaming menacingly. It was longer than any common keris. It curves 7 times before it reaches the tip.

The preferred weapon in the region at the time was the "golok", a long curvy sword. But since both men wanted the fight to be more intimate, they opted the keris as the weapon of choice.
Eventually, Taming Sari was slain by Tuah near twilight that same evening by his own blade. Raja Girisawardhana was in awe with Tuah's prowess. Taming Sari's keris was broken at the hilt during the fight. The Majapahit King decreed that a new hilt of gold and pink rubies be made.

But the blood of Taming Sari that had stained upon its blade was very difficult to disappear. It gave the blade an eery dark brown and deep red hue. It was said that the blood of Taming Sari was the reason that gave the keris its magical powers.

The keris was presented to Laksamana Tun Tuah in a highly decorated manner. With so much grandeur and dignity. We were so proud of him. Tuah then gave his own keris, Pamung Sari to Jebat. Upon our return to Melaka, Jebat was promoted to the rank Temenggung while I was promoted as Bentara Kanan. The vile Patih Kerma Wijaya came into existence as an envoy of Majapahit and chief adviser to the new bride from thereon.

Tun Perak tolerated Patih Kerma Wijaya but we hated him. His opium smelled breath made me nauseous sometimes.

In the 15th year of his majesty's rule, Tun Tuah was sentenced to death for treason. Patih Kerma Wijaya had skillfully wedged himself into the inner circle of the Sultan and planted the seeds of his treachery while the 3 of us were away on duty in Riau. Upon our return, Tuah was about to be executed in Sungai Ujung. Only Jebat managed to secretly see him in his confinement. The rest of us had to protect the Sultan from the angry mobs that had surrounded the palace.

I realized the minute I saw Jebat's face after his rendezvous with Tuah that morning that Jebat will plot vengeance. When Tuah was about to be executed by the orders of the Sultan, his last words to Jebat was - "buat baik berpada pada" (do a lot of good), but before he could finish the sentence, Jebat furiously screamed at him with words - "buat jahat biar kepalang!" (yet do a lot of evil) and then left him abruptly. Jebat had always been the brooding type. He was more temperemental and sarcastic in nature as compared to the mild mannered Tuah.

I disagreed with Jebat's plan but chose to remain quiet. Jebat pacified the angry mob outside the palace and met with the Sultan and his family within. The Sultan was grateful that Jebat had understood why Tuah had to be killed. The law is the law and no one is above it, so said the Sultan. At that juncture, Jebat grabbed Taming Sari and killed the Sultan's youngest son, Raden Kelang (son of Raden Galuh) in one swift motion. His voiced had turned cold when he whispered menacingly to the Sultan;

"Engkau yang dilaknati, minta ampun pada Tuhan!" (You who are damned by God, ask for His forgiveness!)

But before his blade touches the Sultan's chest, Lekir managed to sidestepped Jebat and they both fell awkwardly. I quickly rounded up the Sultan and his family to the exit and herded them to a safe place. By then, Jebat managed to kill a few Royal Guards. Lekir was injured and had to be taken out of the palace. Jebat looked at me one last time before screaming;

"Raja adil raja ku sembah, raja zalim kita sanggah!" (I submit to a fair King, but we fight against a cruel King!)

Jebat wanted Patih Kerma Wijaya's blood in exchange for the palace. Most of the Sultan's concubines decided to stay with Jebat for reasons I do not know. Jebat was indeed good looking and was popular with the ladies in the court. Pateh Kerma Wijaya was holed up in Bendahara's house for a couple of weeks. Although Tun Perak despised him, he was still a diplomatic ambassador from an allied nation.

At the end of 1464, Pateh Kerma Wijaya was killed in an ambush by Jebat two days before the monsoon season. Running scared, the Sultan asked the 3 of us to confront Jebat. Relunctantly, we obeyed the orders. But Jebat would not fight us or even listen to us. The palace that he reigned supreme now was like a fortress.

One night after a full cycle of the moon, Tun Perak summoned me to his house. He was grief strickened and wanted me to find an old hermit called Sang Rajuna Tapa. I reckoned Tun Perak was delirious from having a high fever. Sang Rajuna Tapa was certainly no hermit. He was the legendary Bendahara during Parameswara's rule in Temasik. How could he still be alive? He must close to be a hundred by then. But in haste I did go to Ulu Melaka.

I was shocked that Tun Perak had been hiding Sang Rajuna Tapa and Tuah in Ulu Melaka. Sang Rajuna Tapa was indeed an old man and had disguised himself as an old imam called Syeikh Mansur. Years ago, he was banished from Temasik and was told never to come back. Tuah had been learning some secrets of the art from him. He looked refreshed there in Ulu Melaka. I was overjoyed upon seeing him. But sad at the same time. Tun Perak should have not kept this secret from us. But then again, Tun Perak and Hang Tuah were of the same breed of warriors.

The day Tuah fought Jebat was not as what was depicted by the storytellers. Jebat had indeed became more bloodthirsty by the minute. He was practically ruling Melaka with an iron grip. Traders shunned our ports and the coffers dwindled. The Majapahit King was rumored to prepare an assault to Melaka for letting his grandson murdered. Through Jebat's extensive reach as the Temenggung, the Sultan's distant cousins from Kampar, Siak and Indragiri had been secretly communicating with his men so that one of them can be installed as a puppet Sultan for Jebat. A number of foreign envoys hungry for power had also started to cut a deal with Jebat. Something had to be done.

It was after the Friday prayers when Tuah reached the palatial gates. With Pamung Sari in his hand, we and about 200 of us swarmed the locked main entrance. Tuah called on Jebat to come out. It took him about an hour to answer Tuah's challenge. By this time, the people of Melaka had surrounded the palace, wanting to see the duel. I estimated about 20,000 people had came to watch them fight.

Jebat was happy upon seeing Tuah. But his laughter was not only hysterical, it was tinged with madness. Jebat then killed one of the concubines just to whet Taming Sari's appetite. Jebat offered to fight on the courtyard but Tuah declined. He said it's better to fight inside the palace so that the people will not see the death of either one of them.

Storm raged Melaka that night. We knew that a terrible duel was taken place above the howling wind. We waited outside till the next morning. Sometimes they would rest, sometimes Jebat would let Tuah pray undisturbed. Tuah later on told me that Jebat declined to pray because his sins were already too great to be forgiven by God. By late afternoon, we heard the death cries of Jebat from the inside. Tuah came rushing out. His face was ashen while his body was covered in blood. He threw Taming Sari to me and ran towards the parted crowd.

We went inside the palace but lo and behold! Jebat was still alive! But his stomach was badly wounded. He was busy wrapping the angry wound with a piece of cloth so that his gut wouldn't spill out. Jebat was a strong warrior indeed. Seeing his death face, Lekiu, Lekir and myself left him there attending to himself as the sight was too much for us.

It was hard enough for Tuah to contain Jebat when he was angered and it was extremely difficult for the Royal Guards to subdue the wounded Jebat. Nearly a hundred of innocent people died in his rampage in search of the Sultan. Finally exhausted, Jebat came over to Tuah's house.

We were there when Tuah lifted him up into one of the rooms. Jebat managed to ask forgiveness from all of us for his treachery and for acting without our consent. We shed a few tears then. Jebat died in Tuah's arms as the wrappings were undone. Blood flowed freely from his mouth, nose, ears, eyes and every pores of his body.

From that day onwards, Tuah became a different man. He became deeply religious. He followed the Arab traders back to the heart of Ottoman Empire in Turkey just to learn more about Islam. The death of Jebat changed him. Jebat was his conscience at times. Sometimes, his wild streak. He was more ferocious when Jebat was fighting alongside him. The death of Jebat showed him how greatly Jebat was needed. During the reign of Raja Hussain (Sultan Alauddin Riayat Shah), Laksamana Tun Tuah had always wanted to leave the life of the royal courts. But not until Raja Hussain was poisoned to death in Pagoh did Tuah left in such agony. His heart broke yet again when he was unable to prevent the death of the young Sultan.

I was made Maharaja Setia (deputy Bendahara) and Jebat's only son, Khoja Hassan took over as Orang Kaya Laksamana Melaka in 1488. Incidentally, Khoja Hassan was also Tuah's son in law. Tun Tuah was called into service one last time during the reign of the petulant Sultan Mahmud Shah as the head of retinue to find Puteri Gunung Ledang.

Until this day, the day I find rest at last, I am glad to have Hang Tuah as my brother. His steadfast loyalty and unwavering stance to protect the system was like a beacon in the days we weathered through. Tuah was given a terrible choice which he then chose as he saw it fit. Hopefully, the new Bendahara, Tun Mutahir will find new breed of young Malay warriors to protect what we have now against the dark days ahead.

Rewritten by JMD (JebatMustDie) based on Sejarah Melayu, Hikayat Hang Tuah and Tuhfat Al Nafis.


I came across this highly interesting post by JMD (JebatMustDie) days ago. Hang Tuah was the greatest Malay warrior ever lived. It should be made compulsary for every Malay to read this story, beautifully narrated and rewritten by JMD.Takkan Melayu Hilang Di Dunia...Hang Tuah is truly the pride of all the Malays.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Islam milik siapa?

Pada 1 Mei 1999, semasa berceramah di Stadium Sultan Mohammad IV, Kota Bharu, Tuan Guru Dato' Nik Abdul Aziz selaku Menteri Besar Kelantan telah mengemukakan pandangan "boleh mencarut", berdasarkan hujah-hujah (secara rasionalnya) teknik dan penggunaan bahasa di dalam SHIT.

Ini menimbulkan reaksi yang agak kurang selesa pada sebilangan besar penduduk, sehinggakan Perdana Menteri pada ketika itu, Dato Seri Dr Mahathir bin Mohammad mengeluarkan kenyataan berikut di Jitra pada 19 Julai :

"Nik Aziz sepatutnya berhenti menjadi Menteri Besar Kelantan jika gagal membuktikan perkara itu" (ada dalam al-Quran bahawa Tuhan mencarut). Katanya lagi, "Saya sanggup tidak bertanding kalau Nik Aziz boleh tunjukkan perkataan itu dalam al-Quran".

Lujnah Penerangan dan Dakwah Perhubungan PAS Negeri Kelantan, pada 25 Julai 1999 telah menyiarkan transkrip ceramah tersebut bagi meyuraikan kekusutan yang telah wujud.

Dikhabarkan, kekeliruan timbul kerana media hanya menyiarkan sedutan ceramah tanpa mengambil isi penuh ceramah yang disampaikan oleh Dato’ Nik Abdul Aziz.

Antara Dalil dari Al-Quran yang membolehkan mencarut dan menyumpah menurut Dato’ Nik Aziz adalah seperti berikut (penjelasan Dato’ Nik Aziz di bawah terjemahan ayat pertama)

Surah Al-Baqarah ayat (18)

(maksudnya) “Mereka tuli, bisu dan buta (kerana tidak dapat menerima kebenaran, meskipun pancaindera mereka sihat), maka tidaklah mereka akan kembali (ke jalan yang benar)”

- (Hakikatnya) Allah Taala (kata ke)pada orang munafiq, orang yang muka-muka-orang yang kita panggil orang sekular. Tuhan kata apa, pekak, bisu, buta, orang ni tak ada otak. Kalau mengikut orang Kelantan (kita kata), “baso tak dok otak, baso tuli”. Itu tidak(kah) mencarut? Allah sendiri sebut begitu dalam Al Quran.

Surah Al-Munafiqun ayat (4)

(maksudnya) “Dan apabila kamu melihat mereka, tubuh-tubuh mereka menjadikan kamu kagum . Dan jika mereka berkata kamu mendengar perkataan mereka. Mereka adalah seumpama kayu-kayu yang tersandar (meskipun tubuh mereka nampaknya baik dan pandai pula berkata-kata, hakikatnya mereka pandai berbicara akan tetapi sebenarnya otak mereka adalah kosong tidak dapat memahami kebenaran – diumpamakan juga serupa orang mati dibunuh)”

Tak dapat dipastikan berapa ramai yang telah membaca dan memahami penjelasan yang diutarakan oleh Dato' Nik Aziz, memandangkan pada masa itu kemudahan internet baru mula hendak bertapak.

Pada tahun 2008, menjelang pilihanraya umum ke-12, Dato’ Nik Aziz sekali lagi mengeluarkan kenyataan yang menimbulkan kontroversi.

Beliau telah menyamakan salah satu parti lawan sebagai "kumpulan yang tidak reti agama dan undang-undang macam orang utan"

Namun kali ini, para penyokong PAS dengan pantas mengemukakan ayat-ayat yang dipetik dari Quran bagi menyokong kenyataan Dato' Nik Aziz.

Surah Al-Baqarah ayat (65)

(maksudnya), “Dan sesungguhnya telah kamu ketahui orang-orang yang melanggar di antaramu pada hari Sabtu (hari yang khusus untuk beribadat bagi orang-orang Yahudi), lalu Kami berfirman kepada mereka, Jadilah kamu kera yang hina”

Surah Al-A’araf ayat (179)

(maksudnya) “dan sesungguhnya Kami jadikan untuk isi neraka Jahannam kebanyakan dari jin dan manusia, mereka yang mempunyai hati, tetapi tidak dipergunakan untuk memahami (ayat-ayat Allah, yakni al-Quran) dan mereka mempunyai mata (tetapi tidak mempergunakan) untuk melihat (tanda-tanda kekuasaan Allah), dan mereka mempunyai telinga (tetapi) tidak dipergunakan untuk mendengar (ayat-ayat Allah, peringatan yang benar). Mereka itu semua seperti binatang ternakan, bahkan mereka lebih sesat lagi. Mereka itulah orang-orang yang lalai”

Dato' Nik Aziz merupakan seorang ulama' yang tinggi ilmu agamanya, hakikat yang perlu diakui oleh kalangan penyokong PAS mahupun UMNO. Hujah yang dibawa beliau adalah bersandarkan ilmu agama yang disandangnya. Dalil yang dipetik beliau dari Al-Quran untuk menjelaskan penyampaian hujahnya adalah berdasarkan kedalaman ilmu agamanya.

Hasil ledakan teknologi maklumat, sekarang amat mudah untuk menyebarkan buah fikiran, maklumat dan pandangan menerusi blog, laman web dan forum-forum yang aktif berbanding dekad yang lepas.

Seakan ingin mencontohi apa yang dilakukan oleh Tuan Guru mereka, ada kalangan penyokong PAS yang sewenang-wenangnya menggunakan ayat Al-Quran demi menegakkan hujah dan kenyataan mereka.

Apakah mereka benar-benar menguasai ilmu yang perlu untuk menafsir Al-Quran dalam usaha untuk dijadikan sumber pengemukaan dan pendirian hujah mereka?

Itu yang menjadi persoalan besar.

Di setiap sudut blog dan forum, seakan mendapat mandat dari kenyataan Tuan Guru, dan seolah-olah dilindungi imuniti parti yang dikatakan memperjuangkan Islam, mereka secara bebas menggunakan ayat-ayat dari Al-Quran untuk menegakkan hujah mereka. Maki hamun, cerca-mencerca dibolehkan jika dipayungi naungan parti Islam.

Walaupun hakikatnya kefahaman ayat Al-Quran yang disertakan hanya sekadar kefahaman kasar, bukannya kefahaman tersirat yang terkandung dalam setiap ayat-ayat tersebut.

Mungkin golongan ini merasakan mereka sudah setaraf Ulama' Besar...yang boleh memetik mana-mana ayat Al-Quran untuk disesuaikan dengan hujah yang ingin disampaikan. Setaraf mana ilmu yang mereka ada? Itu sangatlah diragui. Kerana sebahagian besar dari golongan ini hanyalah pelajar atau remaja yang masih belumpun habis menuntut.

Yang juga masih lagi hingusan, tetapi berkelakuan seolah-olah terlebih matang dan terlebih bijak serta terlebih berilmu agama berbanding orang lain.

Mereka hanya memetik sebahagian ayat Al-Quran dalam menegakkan hujah mereka, dan meninggalkan sebahagian yang lain. Dan acapkali mereka tidakpun faham konteks penggunaan ayat yang dipetik, tidak lebih dari hanya "copy and paste" terjemahan kasar tanpa mengira kefahaman sebenar dan situasi yang membolehkan ayat-ayat tersebut digunakan sebagai dalil hujah.Wallahualam.

Petikan ayat dari Al-Quran seperti kutukan ke atas Firaun digunakan sebagai modal menghentam dan mencaci orang yang tidak sehaluan dengan mereka. Hinggakan aku ada terbaca di satu forum, pendapat seorang forumner yang mengatakan takkan kita hendak menjadi lebih mulia dari Allah dengan tidak memaki hamun? (Kemungkinan besar terpengaruh dengan dakwaan Dato' Nik Aziz bahawa tuhan pun mencarut)

Hinggakan taraf manusia hendak disamakan dengan Allah! Kita hanyalah hamba yang kerdil, Allah adalah Tuhan sekalian alam. Tidak masuk akal hendak menyamakan kedudukan kita dengan Allah. Tetapi itulah realiti yang berlaku.

Dari pandangan Dato' Nik Aziz sendiri, memaki ada tempat dan keadaannya yang dibolehkan. Namun pengikut-pengikut tegar beliau sendiri tidak mengikut nasihat yang diberikan...semua yang berpandangan bertentangan dengan kefahaman mereka akan dimaki dan dikafirkan dengan seadanya.

Mungkin pada masa yang lain atau terkemudian, Dato' Nik Aziz perlu lebih berhati-hati dalam menyampaikan amanat dan didikan kepada khalayak terutama pengikut semborono PAS, supaya mereka tidaklah terkeliru.

Betapa ramai pengikut-pengikut taksub PAS yang merasakan mereka adalah jaguh Islam, tetapi pada masa yang sama kejahilan dan kedunguan mereka dalam berfikir dan berhujah memalukan agama Islam sendiri di mata orang-orang bukan Islam.

Dalam pada Muslim sesama Muslim bertengkar, anasir-anasir munafik / kafir sedikit demi sedikit menusukkan jarum-jarum halus mereka di celah-celah perdebatan.

Melalui Surah Ibrahim ayat (4) yang ditafsirkan seperti berikut

(maksudnya)"Kami tidak mengutus seorang rasul pun, melainkan dengan bahasa kaumnya, supaya ia dapat memberi penjelasan dengan terang kepada mereka. Maka Allah menyesatkan siapa yang Dia kehendaki, dan memberi petunjuk kepada siapa yang Dia kehendaki. Dan Dia-lah Tuhan Yang Maha Perkasa lagi Maha Bijaksana"

Ditimbulkan persoalan kenapa orang Islam begitu risau dengan pengaruh agama lain? Sedangkan Allah sendiri menyesatkan orang, apakah kita hendak menjadi lebih mulia dari Allah dengan menghalang agama lain (yang bagi orang Islam adalah sesat) dari menyebarkan ajaran kepada kita?

Juga petikan ayat dari Surah Al- Ahzab (33)

(maksudnya)"Dan hendaklah kamu tetap di rumahmu dan janganlah kamu berhias dan bertingkah laku seperti orang-orang jahiliyah yang dulu"

Yang mempersoalkan kenapa golongan wanita keluar bekerja dan bersantai di luar sedangkan dalam Al-Quran menyuruh wanita hanya tinggal di dalam rumah? Apakah orang-orang Islam ingin menentang suruhan yang terkandung dalam Al-Quran?

Sangat jelas golongan yang ketiga ini mentafsirkan ayat Al-Quran menurut kefahaman sendiri. Tetapi jika di kalangan orang mukmin sendiri mentafsirkan ayat Al-Quran menurut kemahuan sendiri, apa yang boleh dipersalahkan pada golongan munafik / kafir tersebut? Kita sendiri membuka ruang untuk mereka mempergunakan ayat-ayat suci Al-Quran untuk menyerang agama Islam yang kita sayangi...tiada lain hanyalah orang Islam sendiri yang perlu dipersalahkan.

Orang-orang kafir yang ingin menyebarkan dakyah mereka kepada orang Islam adalah sangat bijak...mereka tidak sekali-kali akan menggunakan ayat-ayat yang dipetik dari kitab mereka untuk mempengaruhi kita. Kerana mereka tahu kita tidak akan sekali-kali percaya apa yang terkandung di dalam kitab pegangan mereka.

Mereka sangat memahami orang Islam amat menyanjungi Al-Quran. Mereka akan mengelirukan pemikiran orang-orang Islam dengan menimbulkan keraguan dari ayat-ayat yang bersumber dari kitab suci Al-Quran sendiri.

Agama Islam pernah mencapai zaman kegemilangan beberapa kurun yang lepas...hasil daripada ketekunan dan kerajinan Ulama' dan Sarjana Islam silam meneroka dan mengkaji ilmu-ilmu seperti astronomi, matematik, kimia, fizik, serta pelayaran. Namun Islam mulai menuju zaman kegelapan kala generasi yang terkemudian gagal meneruskan pencapaian sarjana yang sebelum mereka.

Mereka meninggalkan hasil kerja tekun generasi sebelumnya...dan hanya berminat untuk mengkaji ilmu agama. Ditambah dengan pelbagai interpretasi berlainan, agama Islam makin jauh ketinggalan. Pelbagai tafsiran agama muncul, yang kebanyakannya hanyalah ditafsir dari sudut kepentingan diri sendiri, menyebabkan orang-orang Islam makin mundur dan jauh ketinggalan.

Di Malaysia, ada kecenderungan untuk menjadikan Islam sebagai milik eksklusif segolongan tertentu. Sesiapa yang tidak menganggotai atau menjadi jemaah golongan ini secara halus dibayangkan sebagai tidak cukup sempurna Islamnya. Pengertian dan pemahaman Islam dari sudut pemikiran mereka sahaja yang betul...dan sekiranya lain dari garis pemikiran mereka, adalah salah dan kemungkinan dilabelkan sebagai munafik atau sesat.

Tetapi jika golongan ini sendiri melakukan sepertimana apa yang dikritik oleh mereka sebelum ini, ia dibolehkan pula. Sangat pelik...tetapi mungkin kerana mereka bernaung di bawah nama parti Islam, ia dibolehkan. Nama parti Islam dianggap selimut suci bagi sesetengah pengikutnya untuk sewenang-wenangnya menjatuhkan hukum pada orang lain.

Di barat, pengikut agama Islam dipecahkan kepada fundamentalis, moderate dan ekstremis. Acapkali pengamal fundamentalis Islam disamakan dengan ekstremis Islam, yang menyebabkan keluarnya ungkapan seperti

"Islamist fundamentalist is wrong and dangerous because the fundamental of Islam itself is wrong and dangerous"

Ini juga antara pencetus filem “Fitna” terbitan seorang menteri dari Belanda baru-baru ini, yang membayangkan ayat-ayat Al-Quran sebagai asas mengajar pengikutnya mencetuskan keganasan.

Tiada apa yang salah dengan asas-asas yang membina agama Islam, cuma cara sesetengah dari orang Islam menterjemah pengertian dan ajaran Islam yang memungkinkan wujudnya pelbagai tafsiran salah mengenai pengertian Islam sebenar.

Tidak ada pecahan ungkapan 'Islam moderate' dalam pengertian agama Islam, kerana agama Islam itu sendiri sudah 'moderate'.Yang ada hanyalah Islam fundamentalis yang berpegang pada asas-asas Islam sebenar, juga Islam ekstremis yang menterjemahkan Islam secara ekstrem. Kini muncul juga golongan-golongan baru seperti Islam liberal, yang jika dibiarkan berkembang, akan lebih mengelirukan pengertian Islam yang sebenar.

Islam adalah milik kita semua. Perbezaan pendapat dalam Islam sepatutnya menguatkan kita dan mengajak kita lebih berfikir dalam memahami dan mendalami Islam, tetapi sebaliknya yang berlaku. Kita semakin lemah, berpecah serta berpuak-puak dan jauh ketinggalan berbanding yang lain. Jika kita dapat kembali bersatu dalam pengertian Islam sebenar, tidak mustahil kita akan mampu mengulangi pencapaian empayar-empayar Islam yang terdahulu, mengulangi zaman keagungan Islam yang silam...

Monday, July 7, 2008

Di sebalik seribu satu pertanyaan...

Perempuan, 37, tapi belum berkahwin...'tricky' situation right?

Aku kenal Ah Ing masa mula-mula masuk kerja 5 bulan lepas.
Dia happy-go-lucky, antara orang paling kelakar pernah aku jumpa.

Bulan lepas, Ah Ing kena ketumbuhan di bahagian bawah perut.
Terpaksa rehat hampir sebulan.

Masa ni aku bawak masuk Epul masuk kerja.
Dia kerja di bahagian Ah Ing sekejap, sebelum tukar ke bahagian lain.

Masa aku mula-mula kerja dulu, Ah Ing yang banyak tolong aku.
Sebelum aku biasa dengan selok-belok bahagian tu.

Boss aku, Ah Bee dah ada sorang anak.
Ah Bee dan Ah Ing kawan rapat.

Petang tadi kakak Ah Ing datang...bawak sorang budak pompuan comel.
Umur dalam 4-5 tahun.

Aku dah dapat agak itu kakak Ah Ing.

Tapi aku tak sangka pulak,
budak pompuan comel tu rupanya cucu dia.

Silapnya aku, aku tertanya pada Ah Ing,
bila dia nak dapat cucu?

Aku langsung tak tahu dia belum pon kahwin.
Kalau tak, aku takkan bodoh-bodoh ubi keluar soalan kentang macam tu.

Dia bagitau, dia taknak kawin lagi...
sebab nanti susah nak bergerak.

Bila Ah Bee keluar rehat, aku balik ke meja.
Dari situ, aku dapat tengok Ah Ing termenung panjang.

Dia termenung panjang................

Sangat panjang..............................

Antara asas utama kehidupan adalah berkeluarga.
Tanpa berkeluarga, hidup sudah seakan hilang sebahagian besar serinya.

Kita takkan dapat selam hati dan perasaan orang lain.
Tapi kadang-kala, kita seakan dapat memahami apa yang orang lain tengah alami.

Tambahan jika melibatkan orang yang memang rapat dengan kita.

Di sebalik setiap tawa, di sebalik setiap senyuman,
tersembunyi seribu satu pertanyaan.

Pertanyaan yang kadang-kala,
membuatkan kita...

...termenung panjang............

Friday, July 4, 2008

Multiple Literal Meaning

Lebih kurang dua bulan lepas, suatu peristiwa bersejarah berlaku dalam lipatan kehidupan aku yang berbucu dan bersegi-segi.

Aku ditegur dan dimintak nombor telefon oleh sorang insan bertudung labuh!

Walaupun sudah alah bisa tegal biasa ditekel oleh aweks muka tebal yang terpikat dengan aura tarikan peribadi aku yang terpancar terang, tapi pengalaman ditegur aweks bertudung labuh merupakan yang pertama kali.

Apa tidaknya, awek bertudung labuh yang aku tahu rata-ratanya hanya pandai menyerang pasangan lelaki perempuan yang hanya berbual kosong dengan bertanyakan soalan-soalan bertaraf dungu seperti " apa yang membuatkan abang tertarik dengan kakak ? " dan " rasa-rasanya bila abang dengan kakak nak kawin ? ". Ini merupakan suatu yang baru dan menampakkan tanda-tanda progresif.

Belum termasuk yang aku kenal di blog-blog. Sorang daripadanya menyatakan sokongan terbuka kepada DAP...parti bapok cina yang terang-terangan anti orang Melayu dan anti negara Islam. Lagi sorang pulak menulis dengan penuh bersemangat seruan membeli dan menyokong produk Amerika sebagai ”forbidden” (haram).

Tapi bila aku persoal kalau guna produk Amerika haram, kenapa tulis dengan Microsoft Office Word, start komputer guna Windows boleh pulak? Keluaran Amerika jugak tu.

Jawapan yang aku dapat?
"Saya dah malas. Ilmu saya setakat tu saja"

Boleh pulak malas. Kalau dah faham ilmu cuma setakat tu, cubalah luaskan pembacaan. Jangan hanya baca apa yang kita nak baca, dengar apa yang kita nak dengar.

Tapi insan yang mintak nombor telefon aku tu ada niat yang terselindung. Beliau merupakan aktivis MLM.

Umum mengetahui MLM adalah singkatan ”Multi Level Marketing”. Tapi tak ramai yang tau makna sebenar di sebalik MLM.

Apa itu MLM?

Meniaga Lapisan Masyarakat
Pengertian MLM dalam bahasa Melayu. Konsep yang termaktub dalam MLM dan salasilahnya adalah bersandarkan perniagaan berlapis-lapis. Lagi banyak lapis lagi kaya. Tambah-tambah lapis yang beranting-ranting simpang-siur kiri kanan tu. Yang kat pucuk tu boleh saing Bill Gates dengar ceritanya.

Menipu Lapisan Masyarakat
Juga makna lain MLM dalam pengertian bahasa Melayu. Dengan janji-janji segera dan manis tahap pop-korn, dah berapa ramai yang telah hampa dengan kekelatan hasil akhir MLM? Dari pandangan aku, hampir separuh yang terlibat dengan MLM hanya separuh jalan...separuh jalan yang kemudiannya terus terbiar tanpa aktif.

Multiple Level Manipulation
Yang kaya cuma mereka yang bernaung kat atas. Yang bawah-bawah yang baru nak bertapak ni? Jadi tiang seri penyokong manipulasi pihak atas. Masing-masing saling mempergunakan dan dipergunakan. Dalam bahasa Melayu dikenali sebagai Manipulasi Lapisan Masyarakat.

Meniaga Larut Malam
Berapa ramai yang saban malam bertunggul kat kedai mamak menerangkan pada ahli-ahli baru cara segera menjadi jutawan? Modal hanya secangkir kopi atau teh tarik. Parking kereta sport sebelah kedai, bagi nampak bergaya sikit. Pakai Kot supaya terserlah imej korporat. Makan jangan risau, depa support semua sekali. Di USM, yang terpengaruh rata-ratanya perempuan...pukul 3,4 pagi pun belum terpanggil nak balik bilik...

Menguntungkan Lagi Mengujakan
Sebulan boleh masuk poket puluh-puluh ribu. Jual dadah pon tak boleh dapat banyak tu. Sebab ramai yang teruja nak cuba berjinak-jinak...mana tau boleh bayar ’cash’ Porsche sebijik. Sebab tu ada yang sanggup berhenti belajar...nak tumpu sepenuh masa buat MLM katanya.

Mengarot Lagi Melalaikan
Ingat senang-senang ke boleh naik taraf jadi jutawan? Duit bukan macam hujan, boleh turun mencurah-curah, tahan pakai besen plastik boleh kutip ribu raban. Tiap-tiap malam berhimpun kat kedai mamak, aku nak cari ketenangan tengok bola pon susah.

Secara peribadi, aku lebih pentingkan nilai ilmu yang boleh disampaikan oleh seseorang berbanding nilai wang yang berkampung dalam poketnya. Ilmu tak dapat diskalakan dengan wang ringgit. Biarpun seorang individu berilmu hanya berpendapatan sederhana, ilmu yang dimiliki meletakkan beliau di taraf yang berlainan berbanding orang lain.

Library of knowledge is far more important than a library of money. MLM, yang mengandungi Multiple Literal Meaning seperti yang telah dijelaskan, hanyalah bagi golongan yang hendak kaya secara segera dan juga kalangan yang terdesak. Walaupun kita perlu bersimpati pada kelompok kedua yang terdesak ini, namun mereka perlu sentiasa diingatkan akan janji-janji kosong yang senantiasa ditaburkan oleh perayu-perayu MLM.

Janji-janji kosong hanyalah akan membuahkan hasil-hasil yang juga kosong. Aku masuk MLM? Terima kasih sajalah...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Double Champion!

I was invited by Sani to join Euro Fantasy Football last month.

'Ustaz' Khalid bin Othaman had just created a special league, comprising former students of my former school. But this league was intended for my batch only (9802 – the so-called Crackerz)

I set up my best team, but was unable to update it regularly due to some problems. Once the problems had been resolved, I was back on track. I want to give my all out efforts.

By the time the tournament reached Quarter-final stage, I was lagging behind in fourth places. Atak leads the pack, with Nassoc closely followed in second place.

When Quarter-final stage laid down its curtain, I was separated by the leader of the group by a massive 80 points! With 3 games left to spare, I revamped my dropping the ineffective Miroslav Klose and Luca Toni. I stayed with my 3-4-3 I badly needed 3 Forwards to supply goals and boasting my points further.

I picked high-flying Podolski, Torres, Ronaldo and Robben. Unfortunately, Robben picked up an injury and was unable to play against Germany. I swapped Ballack with Deco, which proved to be a grave mistake. Deco fell short of expectation...while Ballack roamed forward, scoring goal and provided assists in a clearly one-sided match against Portugal.

And as usual, Ronaldo bottled it big time. I should have figured it out earlier.

I don't need extra when the opposing team scored, they would lose points. Centre backs are prone to 'tricky' situation...if they marshaled the backline well and kept the clean sheet, they would get extra points. If they missed last ditch tackles and let strikers get behind their back, they're doomed.

And I don't need expensive goalkeeper, as it would further shrink my front-line budget. Furthermore, if he leaks goals, disaster awaits my Fantasy team.

All I need was a reliable goalkeeper, a good and skillful wingback (left and right), a deadly duo of wingers, two attack-minded central midfielders (what defensive midfielders are for in Fantasy Football team?) and clinical strikers.

Strikers job is to score goals. The more the better. They need to constantly test the goalkeeper with shots. Shots on target would received extra points. The goalkeeper who saved a shot also got points. It's a win-win situation.

It was a daunting task. 80 points to overhaul was not the time the first Semi-final finished (Germany VS Turkey), I was up to third places. When Spain won against the emerging Russia, I moved up to the second spots.

But still, I was 40 points off the pace!

With Spain likely to field 4-5-1 formation due to the injury to their top goal scorer David Villa, and Germany to stick to their traditional 4-3-3, I gave a long and hard thought. After careful consideration, I changed my formation to 3-5-2.

The reason?

Spain and Germany virtually has only one striker on their starting line-up. That would be Torres and Klose respectively. Based on their current form, they won't score much. And I was extremely confident Torres would score eventually. And as Klose was badly out of form, he won't be able to have a good shot on goal, let alone scoring one.

I dropped Klose and put my faith in Torres. And I picked Podolski as another striker.

Final traditionally is a tight affair. Although strikers are the one who usually put the finishing touch, it is the work from midfield that greatly decided the outcome of the match. I packed my midfield with five players...four of them are from the Spanish team.

As in defense and goal position, I picked mostly Spanish player...with Philip Lahm as an exception. Iker Casillas was a risky option…but I selected him anyway.

I was 40 points adrift of the leader...whatever points the league leader garnered after the Final, I need to double his tally. If he get 40 points, I need to get at least 81 points. If he managed 100 points, I need at least 141 points to have any chance to win the league.

Only two teams contested in the final. The choice of players is restricted...the probability that we would ended up fielding the same 11 player on the pitch was indeed very high. It was the choice of the Captain that really matters. Captain is eligible for double point...picking the right Captain was very crucial then.

I gave the Captain's armband to Torres.

And he didn't disappoint me. He scored the winning goal. As Germany's midfield struggled to adapt to a packed Spanish midfield, Torres was able to unsettle Germany's defence with his direct run.

The result?

I got 100 points...while the group leader (Atak) only managed to collect 53 points...I eclipsed him by a mere 6 points. I was crowned European Fantasy Football champion on the final day!

Sani said he rarely logged in to check his team's progress...the reason for his dismay 6th place finish. Losers always give excuses, you know. Huhuhu.

I don't know how to describe my feeling...winning the Fantasy Football as well as watching my favourite team lifting the coveted European Cup. All I know is, sitting atop of the Fantasy League, I only see loser, loser, and loser...13 of them to be exact. Hahahaaa...~

Monday, June 30, 2008

Meet the new European King!

A fine solitary goal by the El Nino was enough to land Spain their first major trophy since Euro 1964.

Torres, who was largely outshined by team-mate David Villa during the course of the championship, struck the only goal of the game in the 33rd minute.

They started the match one time I thought they were going to bottle it (as usual) but once their crisp passing got in shape, their superiority reigned supreme.

By leaving their long-serving captain, also dubbed the King of Spain, Raul, back at home, they thrived and successfully removed their perennial under-achievers and "bottlers" tag labeled on them once and for all.

A bright and promising new era has arrived. The King is now being replaced by the dynamic and classy new Prince of Spain, Fernando Torres. Fabulous Francesc Fabregas is pulling the string from midfield...although still overshadowed by the old guard of Xavi Hernandez.

Plus the excellent David Silva and exciting Sergio Ramos, this makes almost half of the current crop of Spanish players under the bracket age of 25 years old. Who says boys cannot compete with men? With the right guidance and mentality, this young and highly talented team can go on to win the next World Cup!

Hail the new King of Europe! Spain rulez!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Apa jadi bila air dalam gelas dicondongkan?

Antara tahun 1998 dan 1999, sebidang tanah milik arwah tok wan aku di pedalaman Padang Terap akan dijual.

Sebagai waris lelaki sulung, ayah aku merupakan orang pertama yang perlu dirunding. Dan ayah boleh mendapatkan hak ke atas tanah tersebut dengan harga serendah RM 2000...jauh dari harga pasaran yang berlegar sekitar RM15 000 – RM20 000.

Seperti dijangka, ayah sangat berminat dengan tawaran tersebut, dan dia bersetuju.

Aku yang baru setahun jagung, belum faham apa-apa pada masa tu. Sebelum ini, aku selalu ikut ayah ke Bukit Tunjang...di sana ada dusun durian yang dikongsi bersama saudara ayah yang lain.

Masa sekolah rendah, aku selalu bermalam kat dusun tu...menunggu durian gugur. Ada 'Dangau' dua tingkat yang dibina bersama terpasak di atas tanah dusun itu. Selain durian, masih ada lagi pokok manggis, petai dan lain-lain.

Tapi entah kenapa, dusun tersebut seakan-akan merajuk untuk berbuah setelah aku masuk sekolah menengah. Seingat aku, aku tak pernah lagi menjejakkan kaki ke dusun Bukit Tunjang selepas tahun 1998.

Kali pertama aku ikut ayah ke dusun Padang Terap, masa seakan-akan terlalu panjang. Padang Terap merupakan antara daerah yang kebelakang berbanding daerah-daerah lain di Kedah. Kerajaan negeri giat menekankan sektor pertanian, dengan sayur-sayuran diberi perhatian utama.

Sekolah-sekolah yang terdapat di sini rata-ratanya sangat daif...dengan hanya berbekalkan satu blok untuk aktiviti pengajaran dan pembelajaran.

Masih aku ingat sekitar tahun 1997, aku, Mukrish dan Najib terpilih mewakili Sekolah Kebangsaaan Tunjang dalam satu kuiz Sains. Diiringi cikgu Aliyah, pertandingan bertempat di sebuah sekolah di Padang Terap. Dalam masa Mukrish dan Najib bertungkus lumus menjawab kuiz, aku merayau sendirian.

Aku tertarik pada satu papan kenyataan di ruang legar utama sekolah. Terpampang keputusan peperiksaan semasa sekolah. Apa yang membuatkan aku agak terperanjat, langsung tidak tercatat keputusan 'A'...hanya 'B', 'C' dan ke bawah. Agakan aku, sekolah tersebut tergolong dalam kategori sekolah luar bandar.

Dusun yang baru dimiliki ayah terletak di kawasan yang dikenali sebagai "Perik"...lokasinya betul-betul di belakang Bukit Wang, kawasan rekreasi terkenal di Jitra. Berbeza berbanding daerah lain di Kedah, daerah ini dikelilingi bukit bukau yang berbalam tinggi. Jika aku tidak salah, kawasan ini terletak dalam banjaran Kedah-Singgora yang menganjur hingga ke wilayah Thailand.

Pertama kali aku sampai di sana, keadaan sangat tenang. Ada air sungai jernih yang mengalir dari puncak bukit. Langsung tidak terusik oleh agenda pembangunan. Seakan-akan kita kembali ke zaman nenek moyang dahulu kala.

Ada beberapa penempatan orang asli, yang jelas kelihatan di lereng-lereng bukit. Menurut ayah, tidak lama lagi bekalan air dan elektrik akan sampai kepada mereka. Orang-orang asli di sini menyara diri dengan bercucuk-tanam. Kehidupan di sini sangat terasing...jika Malaysia diserang Singapura sekalipun di luar sana penduduk di sini tak akan sedar.

Aku membantu ayah menebas dan membersihkan kawasan dusun yang dipenuhi semak belukar. Banyak pokok pisang liar yang subur menumbuh. Pokok-pokok pisang liar ini berbeza berbanding pokok pisang biasa...fizikalnya lebih tinggi dan kasar. Ayah menebang hampir kesemua pokok pisang liar yang menghalang pandangan dan mungkin mengganggu anak-anak durian yang hendak membesar.

Tangan aku melecet kerana terlalu lama menggunakan parang. Hutan di sini betul-betul tebal dan terasing...ayah menunjukkan tanda di mana dusun milik kami berakhir. Di seberang tanda tersebut, terpampang hutan tropika yang sangat luas menghijau. Pohon-pohon kayu yang sangat besar menjalar tinggi, dengan ranting dan dahannya melebar jauh menjangkau beberapa belas meter.

Hutan tersebut merupakan rizab kerajaan. Menurut ayah, jika merentas hutan tebal tersebut, akan berakhir di satu kawasan sempadan yang dinamakan 'Durian Burung'. Apa yang aku tahu, kawasan tersebut merupakan antara kawasan kawalan tentera.

Masih aku ingat, ada satu ketika monyet-monyet liar berkeliaran dan bergayutan bebas di ranting-ranting pokok. Monyet-monyet liar ini yang bakal membawa masalah pada pokok buah-buahan di dusun ini satu ketika nanti. Kesan tapak kaki pelanduk juga dapat dilihat dengan mata kasar. Menurut ayah, babi hutan juga ada berkeliaran...termasuk haiwan liar seperti harimau dahan dan juga lutong.

Agakan aku, ayah ingin menjadikan dusun "Perik" ini seperti dusun Bukit Tunjang. Anak-anak durian baru ditanam, sebagai tambahan kepada durian yang telah ditanam tidak berapa lama dahulu. Pokok dokong agak luar biasa banyaknya...aku lebih suka jika pokok manggis dilebihkan. Kerana aku sudah lama tidak merasa manggis.

Di seberang yang lain, terbentang dusun milik bapa saudara aku., Pak Chaq. Di sebelahnya pula, dusun milik Tok Long. Aku sendiri tidak faham bagaimana orang-orang tua kampung aku boleh mendapatkan tanah sebegini banyak di kawasan yang sebegitu jauh dari kampung.

Dalam ketika yang lain, aku, ayah, Pak Chaq, Tok Long Mid, serta dua orang Tok Long aku yang lain datang serentak. Tujuan kami cuma satu, ingin menyalurkan air kepada pokok. Walaupun aku sendiri masih keliru bagaimana cara ingin menaikkan air ke atas tanah dusun jika tidak menggunakan pam?

Tanah dusun ayah letaknya di lereng bukit...agak tinggi berbanding tanah rata. Di bawah cerun bukit, mengalir sungai yang berpunca dari anak air di bukit yang sebelahnya. Bukit letaknya dusun kami dipisahkan dengan bukit berhampiran oleh sungai tersebut.

Ayah dan orang-orang veteran kampung yang lain membawa paip hitam yang berdiameter agak besar. Mustahil paip tersebut mampu mengepam air dari sungai tanpa alat pengepam.

Ada sebuah alat pengepam usang dalam hutan rizab tebal tidak jauh dari dusun ayah. Aku sendiri tak tahu sama ada masih boleh berfungsi atau tidak. Kali terakhir aku meredah hutan rizab untuk ke lokasi pam tersebut, kaki aku dihinggap pacat bukit yang sebesar ulat bulu dewasa. Sesudah dibuang, darah mengalir tak berhenti-henti dari kaki aku. Terasa macam nak pitam.

Kami semua bergerak menghala ke arah puncak bukit yang bertentangan dengan bukit di mana dusun kami terletak. Aku tak berapa pasti berapa jauh, pendakian mungkin mencapai 1 atau 2 Km. Ditambah dengan belukar tebal dan semak-samun, memang agak mencabar...memandangkan aku masih budak muda waktu tu.

Kami singgah di pertengahan pendakian untuk makan tengah hari. Aku masih ragu-ragu apa yang hendak dilakukan oleh ayah dan yang lain...aku hanya mengikut tanpa soal.

Bagi aku, lebih baik cari air di puncak bukit di mana dusun kami terletak. Dan salurkan ke bawah dimana dusun kami terletak. Aku difahamkan kemudian, bukit di mana letaknya dusun kami tiada punca air di puncak.

Tetapi, jikapun diletakkan paip di puncak bukit yang satu lagi, air tidak akan sampai ke dusun kami kerana kedudukan dusun kami yang agak tinggi.

Memahami keadaan aku yang masih keliru, Tok Long aku memberi aku satu anologi mudah, yang urutan kata-katanya masih aku ingat sampai hari ini.

"Apa jadi bila air dalam gelas dicondongkan? Parasnya akan tetap sama...takkan berubah"

Walaupun masih kurang faham, aku cuma mengikut tanpa banyak soal. Kami tiba di sebuah takungan air...tetapi pendakian diteruskan kerana ayah dan yang lain mahupun takungan yang kedudukannya lebih tinggi dari kedudukan dusun yang terletak di bukit bersebelahan.

Di takungan yang seterusnya, diameternya lebih besar. Tok Long menambak beberapa ketulan batu bagi membentuk takungan yang lebih besar. Kemudian paip hitam yang dibawa sejak dari tadi dimasukkan ke dalamnya. Air takungan mengalir masuk ke dalam paip hitam tersebut.

Hari-hari seterusnya, kerja-kerja menyambung paip pula mengambil alih. Kali ini, sepupu aku, Zahid turut serta membantu. Sehari suntuk kami bekerja...dan waktu itu, teknologi telefon bimbit masih jauh dari kenyataan bagi orang kampung seperti kami. Kami sekadar bertempik bagi memastikan kedudukan masing-masing di tengah-tengah hutan tebal yang terasing.

Hampir selesai penyambungan, aku menunggu dengan penuh minat di dusun Pak Chaq. Aku masih ragu-ragu sama ada air yang berpunca dari puncak bukit sebelah sana mampu turun merentasi cerun, melalui sungai dan naik semula mendaki cerun ke dusun kami.

Tak dapat dibayangkan betapa terperanjatnya aku kala air bukan setakat muncul di hujung paip hitam, bahkan keluar membuak-buak dan mengalir dengan laju sekali.

Selang berapa tahun kemudian, aku baru belajar kejadian tersebut dikenali sebagai "Prinsip Bernoulli " dalam istilah Sains. Prinsip sama yang diaplikasikan dalam kebanyakan rumah, dimana tangki air diletakkan di kedudukan yang tinggi bagi menyediakan tekanan yang cukup.

Jika paip hitam diletakkan di kedudukan yang tidak cukup tinggi di takungan bukit bertentangan, tekanan air tidak akan cukup kuat dan air tidak akan sampai ke dusun kami. Sebab itulah kami semua terpaksa mendaki tinggi.

Jika ditanya apa itu Prinsip Bernoulli, ayah dan Tok Long yang lain takkan tahu. Tapi teori yang hendak diterangkan oleh Prinsip Bernoulli tersebut telah lama berada dalam kotak fikiran mereka. Siapa kata orang-orang Melayu kita bodoh?

Aku banyak belajar dari ayah dan yang lain tentang tumbuhan dan cara bercucuk tanam. Pokok yang baru bertumbuh, perlu dijaga dengan rapi. Akar akan menjalar sejauh mana ranting dan daunnya menjalar. Kadangkala, perlu dibungkus bahagian bawah anak pokok dengan plastik hitam bagi menghalang resapan keluar air kesan bahang matahari.

Namun, atas suatu sebab yang tak dapat dielakkan, ayah terpaksa menjual dusun Perik kepada orang lain 5 tahun lepas. Aku ada terfikir untuk mendapatkan kembali dusun Perik setelah aku bekerja tetap satu hari nanti.

Seperti keadaan air dalam gelas bila dicondongkan, iaitu tetap sama dan tidak akan berubah, kenangan aku di Perik juga akan tetap sama, akan tetap tidak kan berubah...~

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dinner at Kaleel

I had a dinner together with my friend, Saha. The time was four days ago. The place was Kaleel. Celebrating 5 days of freedom (from all kind of problems)

" Bagi teh tarik satu..."

" Wokey. Deyy...bila mau balek kampungg ?? "

" Minggu depan kot..." I'm not feeling very well that day, so I just gave a short and simple answer.

" Minggu depann?? minggu blakangg?? " He replied with such a funny and confused voice.

" Minggu blakang pun takpa la macha..." I answered in hesitance...really don't have any mood to talk.

" Minggu depann balek kalu...minggu blakangg adaa datangg?? "


Saha, who seated quietly from the beginning, broke his silence eventually.

" Bagi beta air limau nipis sepinggan, nasi ayam segelas "

With a quick twist of hand, he started writing down the order, while I can't no longer refrain myself from laughing.

After a while, he stopped and began to wonder to himself. He looked upon us and whispered...with his usually confused face.

" Dey...ini macam ada tara kena laa..."

" Gapo yang tok sei lagi nih? kawe lapo doh ni...cepak gi wuat ordarr tuhh..." Saha with his usual funny-yet-serious tone.

He left...but still scratching his head. He is a confused man who is confusing other people. But he will fast adopted to the Malay language in months to come.

These have brought the memories of Fahmi, who happened to stop by here last two months.

" Mamak...kasi teh O ais satu..kurang maniss..gula lebih"

Macha man looked a bit puzzled...before replying to us.

" Kurang maniss..gula lebey...ini macam, mana ble bikin kalu..."

" Ho ho..takble ke? takpa la...kasi teh O ais biasa je. Lagi satu...nasi ayam ada? "

" Nasi ayam adaa...brapa mau macha? "

" Okey...ble jgk..tak banyak..bagi dua je...dua roti kosong, kuah campur. "

Macha : ..........

That was almost two months ago.

5 minutes had passed....and our order arrived finally, and were well-prepared too (not the other way round)

There we had our fabulous dinner...probably our last dinner together for years to come.

And that was before I've been struck with measles (a day later), which prohibits me from any outdoor activities...and prompted me to stick to bed for a lengthy five days.

First appeared in my friendster blog May 6, 2007 (C)

Saha was a good friend of mine somewhere between 2006 and 2007.

That was indeed our last dinner together. Due to some irreconcilable differences, we ceased to contact each other towards the end of the fasting month last year.

I did try to contact him afterwards (after several months), but to no avail.

Wherever he is now, I wish him luck for the future...

Update on 4/7/2008

The waiter who successfully confused himself and me with "minggu depan" and "minggu belakang" phrase went back to India last two days. Luckily I had the chance to bid him farewell, and he managed to brush up his Bahasa eventually. I wish him luck for the future also...