Wednesday, October 16, 2013


couldn't sleep last night, didn't know why. Maybe I thought too much. Sometimes I tend to remember something that needs to be forgotten, sometimes I forget something that needs to be remembered.

The problem was solved today. They went by bikes. That appeased my earlier fear yesterday. We were a bit late, so we headed to Pusat Islam for AidilAdha prayer. It was a full house affair…crowd thronged the over-packed venue from as early as seven o’clock.

The sermon was delivered by a familiar face, although I was not sure who he was. At first glance I thought he was Dr Jamal, but my friend denied it. But his sermon, albeit monotonous in nature, had some good points. He stressed the importance of listening carefully to speeches, juxtaposing his point with our prophet’s last sermon.

And he also made a point about deeds, or our ibadah…it’s not the quantity that matters, it’s the quality. So to those houlier-than-thou wannabes; better take a good notice of his advice. I've known many hypocrites who hide their wicked behaviour under the cloak of piety. This doesn't bode well for the overall outlook of Islam.

We visited five open houses…my personal record. It was fortunate that I met Syafira the other day…she was the one who arranged everything. I was informed that she recently lost her dear mother…but she didn't show any sign of sorrow, let alone any emotional distress. Maybe she’d already overcome that emotion. The reason she tagged along with us was that she felt lonely at home.

My course mates were never dull, they always created jokes, sometimes out of nothing. A burst of laughter was the usual event surrounding their conversation. Torrid time lies ahead next week, so we made full use of this festive break to enjoy ourselves. It was a thoroughly nice experience.

Speaking of torrid time, I got quiz tomorrow, and still need to finalize my proposal. And the project paper…maybe the weight of all this burden is causing me to lose sleep. I better not waste any more time.