Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hope For The Best

After re-reading my last posting, I realized the content was not that "light". It was a bit heavy…but actually the title was more to do with "Light" of the protagonist character of the famed Death-Note, not "Light" in the literal sense of "not being heavy".

A Light Moment was therefore, an indirect link to both Light and L, who fought each other over a differing stance. Both are genius in their own sense. I always refer to these two epic characters when it comes to evaluating two contrasting opinions. Sometimes, the answer is not just a plain right or wrong. It lies deep beyond that.

Light was not entirely wrong; L was not entirely right, and vice versa. The system that we are currently inhabiting in was not entirely right, but it was not entirely wrong either. The best we could do is to live with the system and try to make necessary adjustments / improvement, to the best of our ability.

Then we hope for the best.

I am in the midst of a big dilemma. Tomorrow is going to be a hectic day…got plenty of houses to visit.

But the problem seems to be the shortage of cars. All cars seem to be fully booked, leaving us with little options. There are six of us, with only a Viva available…it would be a magical feat of sort to fit all of us into that. I could imagine some of us getting strangled at the back seat.

I tried to book another car but it was too late. Initially I planned to go there by bike…but eventually there was a spike in requests to join us. I relented and agreed afterwards to accommodate them, but now it’s coming to haunt me.

Fifi left my room in complete agony just now after failing to reach a consensus. It was secretly agreed upon us all that he was the one to be booted out. Although that agreement was done in jest, I feared that he may take it seriously. But what more could we do? We cannot jettison somebody just like that.

Just hoping that this problem would resolve itself tomorrow. I’m running out of idea to find a good solution. 

Time to sleep. And hope for the best, tomorrow.