Monday, October 21, 2013


When I uttered my last words, Freddy was the first to give his round of applause, and he gave the loudest.

It was a job well done, although not entirely free of blemishes. He was quite impressed with my abrupt improvement. He was so incensed with my slow adaptation to his method the day before, he even slammed me and said (right to my face) that he was "pissed off" with my performance on the mock presentation.

I took it as a challenge and drilled myself intensely last night. And it clearly bore the fruits of success today. I may not be the best among the rest, but that was the best from me.

I went passed him and he whispered to my ear "well done, very good". It was heartening to hear those words, because just yesterday he seemed to lose all hope on me.

A burden has been lifted. A hurdle has been crossed.

But for sure there is still plenty more to come. I will keep myself ready to face all the upcoming challenges.