Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Virus Attack

My loyal computer has been infected by powerful virus almost 3 weeks ago. The screen went blank...and I couldn't start my computer. At first I thought the problem lied with the monitor...I even considering allocating some money for a new monitor.

But Izhar mentioned about the possibility of virus infection. Maybe he was I was unable to open and view "Gokusen" movie in my hard-disk, before my the screen went entirely blank.

Saiful came to the rescue...he installed a new antivirus (Kaspersky) and rectified the lingering problem. But he's going back tomorrow...leaving me alone as usual. Hafiz still hasn't return...even I don't know his whereabout. I thought he spent the night in Yat's house.

I made second contacts with Shuhada today...the first being yesterday. She confirmed his liking for Tariq...a shocking revelation. I thought she was just playing around. It was my fault after initial reaction towards her must have put her in a difficult and strange condition. I still couldn't get rid of my state of nervousness after all.

Shuhada is a young girl...even she herself doesn't sure about herself. Her contacts and friendship with Waheeda make things more complicated. But seeing Shuhada and Waheeda in a same frame delighted me...these two girls are quite special. I tried to convince Shuhada to stay...but would she follow my plea?