Monday, January 28, 2013

Maa Namyz

Woke up quite early this morning. Went online to check for some updates...noticed my appeal has been accepted. So did Daus. I think he's quite happy with that.

I logged in to Pancasara...and went straight to MAA NAMYZ blog. She was the closest person to me (virtually) during my hard and lonely days. I didn't know her that fact I didn't even meet her in person.

She was the first follower of Pancasara...and she remains so until today. But her blog wasn't updated for a year now...and I wonder what she's been doing right now. Did she marry? Did she find a stable job? I have no answers to that.

Still have many things to do, I haven't write for a long time. I'm warming up for a more serious stuff. But for the moment, this is suffice.