Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Another Monday

Today is a bit of a frantic day. Found myself waking up very early in the morning. Class started at eight, and had nowhere to go after that.

Wasted some time in herbarium, where a group of my course mates was having a discussion. I was the only man, and it was a strange thing.

Something was bothering my mind, which was why I loitered around with them.  

I struck a conversation with Rasila, my first ever with her. She was quite surprised that I knew her by name, because of my reputation of not recognizing a large chunk of my own course mates.

She first caught my attention when she attained highest score in molecular systematics…ahead of Zila, who is arguably our best student.

You just don't overscore Zila by chance. Her mind was like a sponge that soaks up everything at ease. Both of them consistently maintain their Dean List achievement, which is quite a feat.  

She had a cut on her finger, wrapped by a medicated plaster. I suggested that she changed into a plastic medicated plaster. She asked about my bag, to which, according to her, was strange.

Just last week, as I was walking to the sports complex, a nurse student asked me about my shoes, which was very strange to her. I wore a different kind of shoes on my left and right leg. It's partly for good luck charm.

I think this is how I live my life.

Caught a glimpse of biotech presentation, but just as I was approaching TR10, they stopped for break. Bad luck. Went back to herbarium where we continued chatting about ghost stories.

Class finished around two…and that ended any hope of catching somebody's presentation at 1.45. Another bad luck.

A storm is brewing on the horizon…I knew something was not going into the right direction when Freddy asked whether I was aware of the latest incident.

For now it's better for me to be a bystander.