Saturday, October 5, 2013


A friend notified me of an e-mail from our supervisor. After that ‘bashing’ session, I was totally grief-stricken that I'd lost any interest to check on my mail.  

But after a while, I regained my conscience and opened my mail. It was an unusual mail from him (our supervisor), and I’ll produce the content here verbatim.

   Dear all,
If I stressed you out or I hurt your feelings or I am too hard on/fierce for you, please let me know. I can try to change my supervising style. It is not healthy for you to have such feelings. Student-supervisor communication is really important to make things work. 

I apologize if I make any mistakes but I would like to let you know I have no bad intention to treat you in such a way. So, I hope we can work things out. 


Judging from the timing of the mail (around 6.00 p.m., the day of my suicide mission with him), it was sent right after that session, where he (unintentionally) skinned me alive.

I harboured no hard feelings towards him, honestly. I took it all as a challenge. It’s part and parcel of life to be criticized. I accept criticism with substance.

But I don’t know what the rest of us are feeling towards his approach. He’s brutally honest…blasting his points with razor sharp words. His candour and demeanour have no middle ground…you either like him or loathe him. There’s no grey area.

I’m looking forward to working closely under his tutelage. There is so much more to learn…sometimes I feel like I’m running out of time. Time is of an essence. Seeing people wasting their time by playing games, surfing facebook, talking incessantly and doing nothing makes me angry. We have no more time to waste. Let's pull our socks up and stop wasting any more time.

I'll work harder after this.