Saturday, October 19, 2013

Final Preparation

My mock presentation went off badly. It was a rather shoddy performance. I turned up late (as usual) and started the presentation after Jeffrey. Halfway the line, I completely lost the plot and went all the way snafu. I knew I was a sitting duck…an open target. As expected I was gunned down by my supervisor. It was fortunate that he reserved me some mercy.

My nervous breakdown still gripped me mercilessly now and then. My former coach used to lambast me in the past because I kept losing easy matches against lower rung opponents, mostly due to my nervousness. He made his point known that if we cannot get hold of our emotion, then our emotion will get the better hold of us. When that happened, it was pretty much the end of everything. Now I’m comfortable in court, but still find it uneasy to handle myself properly on stage.

Some interesting development happened today (not related to presentation or proposal), but I had no time to ponder upon it for the time being. Two more days to go, I better get myself fully prepared. Freddy won’t be so merciful when the real day comes.