Friday, January 30, 2015

Sesal dahulu pendapatan?

Isu ni mungkin dah lapuk. Tapi rasanya perlu tulis sikit. Sebagai luahan.

Baru diberitahu peribahasa ataupun pepatah "harapkan pagar, pagar makan padi" rupanya mungkin mengandungi kesalahan.

Peribahasa / pepatah lama bahasa Melayu ini dikhabarkan sebenarnya telah salah diterjemah daripada tulisan jawi.

Didakwa peribahasa yang betul adalah "harapkan pegar, pegar makan padi". Pegar dikatakan sejenis burung yang makan serangga perosak di laman padi. Tetapi burung ini turut menjadikan padi sebagai makanan.

Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) telah mengeluarkan kenyataan untuk mengekalkan peribahasa yang asal, iaitu pagar dan bukannya pegar.

Ada terbaca satu komen pembaca di satu laman blog yang menulis "Pagar mana boleh makan padi...pegar baru logik".

Kalau nak aplikasi logik, kena setara untuk semua keadaan. Tak boleh pilih logik untuk satu perkara, tapi abaikan perkara lain.

Adakah logik nak minta burung pegar yang makan padi untuk jaga padi?

Dan kemungkinan kesilapan semasa terjemahan tulisan jawi ke tulisan rumi, perlu diingat peribahasa tersebut telah lama bertapak di alam Melayu. Orang-orang dahulu sangat mahir dalam tulisan jawi, sangat rendah kemungkinan untuk terjadi salah terjemahan.

Melainkan peribahasa tersebut baru sahaja diterjemahkan, mungkin timbul kesilapan kerana orang-orang sekarang sudah kurang yang begitu mahir dalam terjemahan jawi. Tapi bukan ini yang terjadi.

Boleh jadi pagar dalam peribahasa tersebut merangkumi benda-benda yang bernyawa dan tidak bernyawa.

Pagar dalam bahasa Indonesia membawa makna sebarang penjaga, dalam lingkungan peribahasa ini membawa makna sebarang penjaga yang menjaga tanaman seperti padi.

Ini termasuk benda-benda hidup ataupun bukan hidup termasuklah manusia, haiwan ataupun besi, kayu, pancang.

Dan DBP turut memberi contoh pepatah lain yang sinonim maknanya, iaitu "harapkan pancing, pancing makan umpan".

Kalau dari segi logik, mana ada pancing makan umpan? Atau pancing dalam pepatah tersebut juga salah terjemahan dari tulisan jawi?

Jangan sewenang-wenang ubah pepatah yang sudah turun-temurun digunakan zaman-berzaman, melainkan ada justifikasi yang kuat untuk perubahan tersebut. Nenek moyang kita bukannya sesuka hati mencipta peribahasa karut untuk memberi nasihat.

Sebagai contoh, perkataan "batuk" dalam "bagai melepaskan batuk di tangga" rasanya ada justifikasi kukuh untuk ditukar kepada "batok". Tapi terpulang pada DBP untuk membuat sebarang perubahan. Setakat ini, DBP masih mengekalkan ejaan lama.

Ada peribahasa yang jelas salah dari segi tatabahasa, contohnya "sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian tiada guna". Apa makna sesal dahulu pendapatan? Tak ada makna dari segi istilah, dan salah di sisi tatabahasa, Tapi peribahasa ini tetap meluas digunakan kerana telah bertapak sejak turun-temurun.

Sama-sama kita jaga pusaka bahasa Melayu tinggalan nenek moyang kita sejak zaman-berzaman.

Friday, January 23, 2015


ROCHA, Pesta Penang 2014 Battle of The Band Winner

Formed in 1995, Jitra-based Rocha rose from humble beginning to become what they are today mainly due to their hard work and dedication.

A short form of "Roti Chanai" (because their guitarist works at a roti canai stall), they topped the preliminary round of Pesta Penang 2014 Battle of The Band before striking the grand winner's finale top spot. 

Rocha bagged home RM5000 in cash prizes and a recording offer. They also swept the best guitarist award, the best keyboardist award as well as the best vocalist award in an all conquering win.

They, however, refused the contract offer as their frontman (lead singer) is already under a contract from a KL-based recording label. 

He is their third vocalist, and, according to one of the band members, is their best to date.

Rocha's frontman is my second brother. Haven't met him for three full years as I was away in Sarawak, completing my studies. How time flies. Now a fully grown up man, he is much matured and confidence than me in every ways.

I wish him a very best of luck in the future. Whatever path he may have chosen to lead his life, I will always stand by his side. That's what a brother is for, I guess.  

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


"You should improve your pipetting skills", said kak Adel (or Dr Adelina to be exact), after the result of my BCA assay came out just now.

Something was not quite right with the reading. Even with untrained eyes, the amount of loaded protein was inconsistent. I must admit the pipette was fooling around with me then. It spilled out a small amount of liquid when I tried to insert in carefully into well plates. In molecular biology, 1 ml error is big enough to render the whole experiment useless.

BCA is actually done to measure protein expression from cell . For this past month, I've been treating 3T3-L1 (fibroblast cell from mouse) with selected plant's extract in search of cure for obesity. But the much wanted compound still eludes me. Plus all the reading that I should's rapidly taking a toll on me.

For me, the shortest route to combat obesity is very simple. And easy. No need to extract compounds from this or that plant. You eat less, you exercise more. Simple as that. But people are generally lazy. They don't want to exercise. They want to lose fat but with no exercise. They want to eat more food that could reduce their weight. Such an irony...eating more to weight less.

As for the pipetting skills, I'll strive to improve on that.

Time to go home.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Have Hope

So, what is my resolution for this new 2015 year?
It's quite simple.

I want to have hope.

That's all I want.

Throughout my life, I've experienced lots of things.
Lots of terrible, useless, passionate, crazy things.
All these have turned me towards a better and a worse man.

There will always be a bad apple in a bunch of good apples.
There will always be a good apple in a bunch of bad apples.

After all, we decide which apple to see,
and which apple to choose.

All this intriguing while,
I realized that most of us don't need a new car,
a new watch,
a new house,
or even a new life.

We all just need a new hope.
Hope is what drives us.
Hope is what makes us tick.

It provides us with direction,
and reason to stay living.

If we asked God to grant us strength in times of adversity,
do God instill us with strength inside our soul,
or do God provide us the opportunity to be strong?

The adversity itself is the platform for us to display our strength.
Our prayer has long been answered.

So don't despair if God still haven't heeded our prayer.
In all likelihood, our prayer has been answered.
In a way that is totally unimaginable to us before.

Never give up on our hope.

Trust me,
I am what I am today because of hope.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


A New Year, With a New Hope.

I will strive to be a far better person this year.

This is the year which will either make or break me.

Just hoping everything will turn out just as planned.

"Courage is not having the strength to go on. It is going on when you don't have the strength" - Theodore Roosevelt