Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Of Vulgarity And Rarity...

I woke up with aching legs this morning.

When Fadir asked me whether I was interested to join his Futsal game, I gave a nodding head almost instantly. Who could resist the temptation? My last game of Futsal was a distant six months ago...even before I met Kyra.

I was at loggerheads with PhD-bound malik yesterday's afternoon. I never expected that lousy and outdated handphone could have landed me into this weird shamble. When I lost my handset through that akward incident, malik willingly offered his second handphone for my convenience. I never asked for his assistance in the first place.

Problems started to occur when his so-called friend from the land down under, Australia, wanted to contact him. I bet it was his long lost, long distance sugar daddy trying to rekindle their lost love. He won't be so freakish mad if not for that reason.

I know it's a known fact that he's an intelectual Awww, or Ah Pon, or Ah Kua, or Nyah, or whatever you may call it, but that doesn't bestow him with any vouchsafe immunity to lash out vulgar words towards his friend. All Nyah are the same, right? Tak kuasa la you. Awww.


But I didn't retaliate against his despicable act with full gun blazing. What for? Be kind to unkind people...they may need it the most. I learned that from Iklil. I answered his vitriolic and vile words with utmost tolerance.While I deplored his act, I still regard him as one of my friends.

Back to my Futsal episode. I asked Fadir's permission to bring my own team. I have Amir and Hafiz in my mind. They would be an excellent set up in the armour of my formidable team...with me being the weakest point.

I said it before, and I'll say it again this time. I terribly suck at Futsal. My legs failed me horribly each time. But this is all for fun...so I'll give it a go. We rarely had the chance to play...everybody were so busy. No way we could give this rare chance a miss.

They booked the last slot available...just after the stroke of midnight. Rijal, who had just arrived this afternoon, wanted to join us. As it was beginning to spot, we decided to go by car.

I received a message just before we departed. It was a pleasant surprise...the message was from Shah, my squash partner. It's been quite a while since he abruptly disappeared. It must have been a tough time for him...losing his long time sweetheart the way it did. I feared I may lose him for good...what a relief to have him back. I hope he got over it by now.

More about him later.

We dropped by in Gold Coast to pick up Amir, before heading towards BJ. We were all fired up for action. Even the sporadic showers had stopped...must been driven out by our burning passion to strut our stuff.

I spotted Saiful...and a strange feeling filled me spontaneosly. We has had an awkward, if not a complicated relationship. We knew each through a third party...mine through Kyra and him through Wani. I didn't have a clue what Wani told him about me...but Kyra told nice things about him to me.

I don't really care what other people were talking behind my back. I know myself. And I know myself better than any of them. I'm no angel...I made mistakes here and there. But as long as I don't bad-mouth other people, I'm quite happy with my life. We can't really control people's perception on us.

The game started...but I struggled to adapt to their technically superior skills. Their ball control, passing, and movement were excellent...I was made to look like a fool most of the times. I ended up being a goalkeeper (voluntarily)...letting in no less than ten goals in the process.

But overall I was happy with the game...although I was not satisfied with my own performance.

Change the ball into a Prince Hornet TF racquet, and the turf into a three-wall concrete with a fiber-glass back door. Maybe, just maybe....it would be a bit of a different story...

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Back From Oblivion...

I decided to come back from my semi-retirement oblivion... :)

It's been a long and refreshing rest. Sorted few things out...but some pressing issues ( lingering and nagging issues...of course) were left unattended. Maybe I'll chew it all over in the next couple of weeks.

I revised my whole life so far...revisited some nostalgic places that were close to my heart...and read droves of inspiring books. Re-read the whole postings of my blog (including drafts...and corrected some of the obvious grammar mistakes. Need to continuously brush up my deteriorating grammar)

All this while, I realised I was not being honest enough about things. Need to change on that. And I delved into one good blog...written by someone who's been blogging since she was like, sixteen. (When I was sixteen, Internet was my farthest dream. How time had evolved since then...)

And I also decided to pull Pancasara from public view momentarily. He too, I think, needs a bit of a rest :)

It's a new beginning...I'll savour this moment for a while... :)