Sunday, September 15, 2013

Staying Up

This is the third running nights I've been staying up this late. Here I'll just ramble on shortly to distract my mind from all these ridiculous molecular things. It's an interesting topic actually, but it needs deep and elaborate readings to fully understand its content. I have the passion and perseverance, but I don't have time. Still have two days to complete this proposal. I am not that sure whether I could finish this on time.

Watched the final of Pestabola Merdeka just now. Malaysia vs Myanmar. With a stranger. He walked pass the corridor in front of my room, heard the commentator's voice, came over to my room and just sat on my bed and started watching with me (live streaming from my laptop). Don't know his name. Don't know who he is. No idea what year he is now. We just watched it together. I even gave him a pack of my chrysanthemum tea as his refreshment. Maybe that's the reason they say football can unite people. It can even unite us with a stranger, as long as we share the same passion for this beautiful game.

Malaysia won the game convincingly, scoring two goals. Then I continued with my proposal writing, until I came to a halt. A mental block. I knew roughly what my research proposal is all about, but I just couldn't link it all together. There are some missing pieces...some missing links to make it into a complete jigsaw. And the problem of arranging all the ideas into a finely-written concept. All this taxing pressure is taking a huge toll on me.

Sidiq also paid me a rare visit just now. He didn't stay long, he just passed by. His younger sister contacted me, asking me whether I want to collect her book tomorrow. She gave me a book last semester as a present, written by the famed Amin Idris. I must admit it was rather a good book, I learned a thing or two from that. She was clearly elated by her last semester result (Dean List), but when I teased her about it, she humbly brushed it off, implying that the result was purely because of her luck. 'Tuhan Sedang Menguji Kita' by Ustaz Kazim Elias...that is the title of the book that she'll be giving me tomorrow. I heard that book received rave I'll give it a try. At least when I'm about to crack under pressure because of the proposal writing, I'll have that book to read through.

Enough rambling, time to work.