Monday, September 16, 2013

Staying Up 2

I’m still struggling with my proposal, now I’m taking a bit of time to slack off and doing something unrelated to all that molecular things. I've been reading insurmountable amount of journals that were loaded with all those scientific jargon. In the past, when I was under intense pressure, I used to write incessantly without any specific goal and tended to type profanity here and there just to express myself. That folly of youth. Now I seem to be more in control of myself and rarely used it unless I was under immense pressure or in an emotional distress.

But luckily I’m slowly getting a good footing of its flow. The flow of discerning the intricacies related to the process of scientific writing. It’s all about getting used to the flow of the whole process. Reading is a process. Writing is a process. Thinking is a process. Combine this three and slowly integrate it into a holistic view. I just need to find a good balance between the three. And then there it is…the beauty. The beauty of scientific writing.

Now I’m slowly enjoying this whole process. It’s actually a joy sifting through the pages of all these journals…some dating back to the Jurassic period of 1948. 1948! Nineteen forty eight! That was way before Malaysia was even born. By the way, today is an historic day. Malaysia was born today fifty years ago. From an economic backwater, this beloved country has progressed much to what it has become today. Now it is approaching the second or third generation of Malays coming through the after period of NEP.

We have achieved much. In my early years, my mother would cycle me around the village to find a house equipped with computer. I was 13 at the time. Of all the houses in the whole village, only two had computer. And they somehow managed to trick us by saying that their computer was either dysfunctional or under virus attack. Computer was a luxury at that time, I cannot blame them either. I bought my very first ever laptop early this year. There were rumours going around that I was the only IPTA student in whole Malaysia that went through the entire academic year without the aid of a laptop unscathed. I knew that was a bit of an exaggeration, because deep down, it was just the tip of an iceberg. I knew people who faced a lot more hardships than I am. And some of them never complained…not a bit. They just live on. These are the real warriors. These are the real heroic figures.            

Time’s up….time to get cracking again.