Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Sermon

Just finished my weekly Friday prayer. The sermon was a bit casual, and it was not a topic of great interest. Ustaz Yahya's emotionally-driven sermon was still playing at the back of my mind, even though it was a distant three weeks ago. He studied in Madinah under government scholarship, and now teaches Arabic language. In that sermon, of which he delivered directly without looking at the text, he touched on various subjects; marriage, war, social problems affecting youth and so on, but he stressed more on the brutality of Egypt's new ruling military government, and the atrocities committed by Bashar Assad-led Syrian government.

He was clearly distracted by the killings of innocent Muslims in Egypt when we paid a visit to his Raya open house four weeks back. He was conducting a special meals for his Arabic inter-sem students. I was not one of his students, but somehow I managed to squeeze through (with his permission) together with two of my closest friends. He is a mild-mannered, soft-speaking in person...and he visibly cared and was very concerned about his students. During our conversation, he spoke mainly about his students (I counted that he mentioned Aaqillah three times, Husna two times. I guessed he likes this pair a lot, because he mistook a student's name with another student, and completely forgotten the name of another female student. There were fifteen of us at the time). He asked me where did I hail from, of which I answered Kedah. He paused a bit and replied that was the birth-state of our DVC Prof Fadzil. I didn't know that before.

When it came to the topic of Egypt, I asked him about his opinion. I still remember vividly, he suggested that the sole reason they were bombing the hospitals to the ground was to eliminate all the corpses, thus eradicating all traces of evidence. So the official tally of the deceased would be very difficult to prove in hard figure. He was (in my opinion) without a doubt, a supporter of Mursi. Then we talked about other stuffs, including the price of his house (I have no idea how this topic popped up?), his real race (he is Melanau) and other redundant matters.

It never crossed my mind that he would switch from his mild-mannered figure to an emotionally-charged person when he delivered that Friday sermon. My eyes were set on him at the said time, and I think he recognized me because there were not many people around. He even led a 'doa', in which he asked for the destruction of the enemy of the fallen Mursi and the government of Bashar. It sent chill to my bones. I still reserved my judgment on the situation in Egypt and Syria, because of the conflicting reports that are coming out from there. It's very hard to differentiate between the truth and the lies. But it surely is a bad situation for us as a Muslim. I hope it will be over soon.