Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Friendship 2

This semester started with a bang...a big bang. Yesterday had classes all day long from early morning right to late evening. Still have few clashes of schedule, and unregistered courses. It may take a while for all these conundrums to subside.

The most fascinating thing happening yesterday was my unusual chat with Nadia. We had a fight last semester over a silly thing...more of a misunderstanding.  It's been more than three months since we last talked...I think we somehow had buried the hatchet. Ever since our argument erupted, I never told anyone about it. Nor did I talk badly about her to anybody else. I knew she said some nasty things about me behind my back (I have reliable informers), but I was able to resist myself from firing back. I have my senses, if you keep hitting and hurting somebody else to satisfy your ego, it won't solve anything.

I cannot stop people from talking behind my back. But I could stop myself from talking badly about my friends behind their back. A good friend will criticize you at your face, a bad friend will badmouth you behind your back. A good friend will scold you privately, a bad friend will scold you publicly. You just cannot satisfy everyone. It's just impossible.

I fight with girls every now and then. I never had an easy relationship with them, except for a few. Girls are mostly unreasonable. They cannot think properly, they use their emotion more than their head. To this date, my biggest fight was with Najwa. It was the most bitter and has a long lasting impact on the both of us, especially me. Come to think of it now, I did what I think was right for her. She went to Mecca to find her inner peace. When she came back, I asked her what did she learn from the holy place. She answered that there was no way I could forgive her, so she won't apologize to me, she just asked forgiveness directly from God. I shot back, arguing that was not the teaching of Islam. In Islam, you ask forgiveness from the person that you have committed the mistake, if he or she is unwilling to forgive you, then you resign and submit your fate to Allah. I guessed even the most holiest place couldn't alter her mounting ego.

I am no angel either, I have my own share of mistakes. I've committed many mistakes...there were people who I'd left behind in pursuit of my life...and there were people who'd left me behind in pursuit of their lives. I hope they have forgiven me by now, as I had forgiven them a long time ago. Allah always give us a second chance to redeem ourselves. Whenever I was sliding away from the track of life, I knew Allah would always be there to guide me back to the original lane. The most important thing is to resign yourself to the Almighty. Seek His forgiveness. And try not to repeat the same mistake again.

Talking about friendship, a group of my friends helped me with my EPP registration this evening. That solved my 'generic' issue. Daus came over to my room last night, and we watched KL Gangster 2 together. And ate his kueh raya together. Zira called to inform me that she will come to training, and she called back to inform me that she cannot come to training. It was kind of silly. I was introduced to a young first year mechanical engineering student, Faiz, who won third place in squash KAKOM. I watched him play and he has a raw talent, but needs further polishing. I didn't have friends before this, but Unimas somehow has given me two precious gifts. Friends...and friendship.