Monday, September 9, 2013

An Olympian That We Never Had...

Just read the breaking news from Buenos Aires. Wrestling has "wrestled" back its position as one of the core sports of Olympics. The argument was that wrestling has a rich history, dating back to ancient time of Greece. So much for the nostalgia. Those 49 IOC members who had voted for wrestling should just admit that they were simply currying favour with the United States and Russia. And Iran.

Wrestling is for the past, squash is for the future. Nobody would have missed wrestling. Wrestling is no Brazil. Brazil would be sorely missed if they were to be dropped from the World Cup. But wrestling? All this exercise is just contradictory in axed wrestling to give way to a new inclusion of sport into the glamour club of Olympics...only to reinstate wrestling? What the...? Where is the introduction of the new sport then? You create a system to introduce something new...only to retain the status quo afterwards? What a circus.

Nicol David deserves to be an Olympian. Her hard work, determination, and humility have inspired a lot of people across all strata of life. She is an Olympian that we never had. It's a gross injustice to such a talent.