Tuesday, September 3, 2013


It's half past twelve and I still couldn't sleep. So I'll write a bit until I'll fall asleep.

Liaison Officers (LO) are making stupid preaches to the new students. They are so loud, it bothers me to no end. Just now one of them knocked on my door, asking me whether I am a senior student. Of course I'm a senior student...how on earth could I stay in single room if I'm a first year student?

I asked what happened, he just told me in passing he was just checking whether juniors are playing truant. The new intake is scheduled for intense orientation week starting today. I saw they were assembled inside the stadium just now, although I don't know for what programme. Maybe they all have to run 2.4 km under 12 minutes. Who knows. I bet even the LO's themselves couldn't do it.

I remember during my orientation week previously (not in Unimas), we had to walk to and forth to DTSP. It was quite a distance. We were staying in Indah Kembara, me, Ijal and Fahmi. Fahmi was a kind of reclusive person at that time...spending time alone with his guitar. He was deeply in love with his newly declared partner, sadly I couldn't remember her name now. It was a long time ago. But later, he was to become one of my closest friends, spending endless time and sharing many beautiful moments together.

I bought my first SIM card a week or so afterwards. I never had any hand phone before that. It cost me around RM80 to get that SIM card. It was loaded with RM50 airtime. The call rate was ridiculous (compared to now), it was sixty cents (peak hours - 6am-12pm) and thirty cents (off peak - 12am-6am) per minute. The first person I called was Najwa, who was in UM. I remember her voice was like a transformer...it freaked me. She explained (excitedly) that she was cheering on top of her voice during the orientation week that she lost all her voice. That was how the transformer voice happened. Whatever. For all I care, I was really pleased to hear her voice.

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. An age of foolishness, an age of incredulity.

Maybe it's time to sleep now.