Sunday, September 22, 2013


Taking a short break from study. I’m writing this to clear my mind a bit.

There were some ups and downs for these past two days. Giha called me in the midst of yesterday’s morning rush just to make sure that I’ve already woken up. I think it was kind of funny. But I do have a habit of waking up very late, plus my sleeping disorder lately.

I love order…I love being in order. And I love doing something in an orderly manner. But my life is currently in turbulence, literally. It was all a mess. And I’m trying my utmost best to put myself in order again.

We were scheduled for a practical session for our project. After listening to our supervisor’s lengthy explanation, I let out a huge sigh. The whole procedure was complicated, and laborious to say the least.

We need to cross-pollinate the flowers, observe its progeny, and build molecular markers. It’s a tedious work. We even will be having a work-station erected just outside the Persaintek room for the sake of our project.

We will wear a spacesuit-like dress, and we’ll be belting the hell out of all that filthy germs that have the guts to pollute our sacred pollens. And we’ll defeat them. Definitely. We’ll emerge victorious in the end. This is our war. I’m getting ridiculous here.

On the way home, Freddy asked whether we knew possible good students from the current junior batch, because he wanted to screen them out for his future project. I joked that maybe we were all vetted by him in the first place?

To which, surprisingly, he answered yes.

He revealed that my name was recommended to him by our head of department. No wonder he personally invited me to do this project with him. It was such an honour…I promise not to let him down. I’ll give my best.

Back in faculty, I came across Azizul and Farah. We were having a casual conversation when Dr Aida approached and interrupted us. She asked whether I told something to our junior crop of students, to which I denied.

She revealed that her class was almost empty (15 students out of maximum quota of 50) and this was due to a mischievous senior that has been spreading words about the difficulty of that course. And she suspected me. It was certainly not me, Dr Aida.

I knew nobody from our junior batch…so it can’t possibly be me. But whenever unknown juniors asked for my opinion, I would always say every subject is a challenge. This was to drive their determination further. Nothing could ever be taken for granted. Nothing is easy in this world. We have to fight to get anything.

Maybe that was why I came under her suspect.

Enough rambling for today. Time to get back to work.