Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Middle Path

Finished my progress report presentation yesterday.

I am getting better at addressing a crowd of people nowadays. I could answer questions, spontaneously asked audience for questions, and even commenting on certain facts promptly when asked, in front of all the watching eyes.

They were not ordinary people...most have at least Masters degree under their belt, whereas I only possess a very ordinary first degree from a young university. But I didn't feel intimidated, mainly because I have all the facts inside my head. You could argue with me fact to fact, I am all free for that.

But it's still a long way to go before I become fully confident in front of people. For all I know, I'm improving myself day by day.

Today is the birthday of someone whom I hold in high regards...although she may have a different perspective on me. I texted her birthday wishes deep inside the midnight cold...around 3 a.m. Never before I texted her past midnight.

I never wanted to be the first to wish her, because I believed a lot of other people were competing for that spot. If I were to join this chorus of other people, I would be just the other ordinary guy.

But I didn't want to be the last either. That was why I chose that middle spot, in the middle of the night. When everybody else were asleep, I was awake and thinking about her. And praying for her. Sometimes, to be special, we need to take the middle path. Not the first, but not the last either.

She replied this early morning. A very deep and meaningful reply. That just made my day.