Monday, February 23, 2015

Half Past Midnight

This simple piece was written earlier this month, precisely on Feb 3. I had just finished a book then and had difficulty in sleeping...a common occurrence nowadays. So I turned on my laptop and started writing, although I didn't have a clue on what to write.

In the end, I managed to sleep. Maybe writing is my best cure for insomnia.

Half Past Midnight
Feb 3, 2015 

It’s half past midnight and I still couldn’t sleep. So I’ll write something to pass the time.

The problem is, I am in no mood to write anything. I’ll just scribble the word as it comes to my mind to break this writer’s block.

I've just finished a book which I borrowed from a local library. “The Art of Thinking Clearly” is quite a masterpiece. Full of psychological insight and anecdotes, the author is very much the resemblance of Malcolm Gladwell, arguably one of my favourite authors.

This excellent book presents almost one hundred common errors in our everyday thinking. It is a well-researched compact book, packed with chunk of information gleaned from established researches. The writer is highly intelligent but surprisingly modest in explaining the theories behind every experiment.

I remember reading Richard Feynman’s book (which I forgot its title) mentioning about pseudo-science. To him, anything other than “hard’ science is not the real science. To a certain extent, I agree with him. All the information in that book is pseudo-science in nature…but that doesn't make it completely worthless.

Science can explain everything…but not everything can be explained by science. Take heaven and hell for example. We know that both exist, but to say it is scientifically proven that heaven and hell exist is plain wrong. Even generally accepted scientific theory could be wrong sometimes. The evolution of human is a scientific theory, but we know it is off the mark.

Time to sleep.