Monday, February 9, 2015

A weird occurrence

I'm staying alone in this "yet-to-be-named" tissue culture lab.

This is my first time staying here up until midnight. Just finished sub-culturing/passaging cell. I need to religiously maintain this cell for my research.

Went swimming this afternoon, with Amzar and Syafiq, in a lavish condominium. Rin as well as Dr Asyraf live there. Rin lend us her access card so that we could come in. Met Dr Asyraf as we were entering the gate.

Also met Kuhan, his older sister and their family there. They were visiting Aaron, who happened to have his first child. Kuhan is a young squash prodigy who is currently training with me. His older sister is also playing squash, albeit with a lower level of competence.

Aaron meanwhile, was a former Malaysian international squash player. He is currently coaching the Penang squash squad. I never knew that he is living in that area.

I am getting stronger day by day...physically. Last week, I beat both Ammar and Sashwen, back to back. Ammar was a former USM captain who has a qualified coaching badge. Sashwen meanwhile, is Penang's state player. He is currently number four in packing order of Penang MSSM under-18 squash squad . Is this the second coming of youth? I have no idea.

Sadly, my mental strength is going down the drain. I'm still adjusting my life into this new environment. I love new challenges, but sometimes, I feel lost...for no apparent reason. My spirit fades away as fast as I breath.

It's just like, day by day, my body is getting younger, but my mind is edging older.

And this feels really weird.