Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Living on a Borrowed Time

Once upon a time, there lived this young prodigious boy of immense talent in the art of painting.

Those who had the rare opportunity to witness his silky touch up front described his talent as "extremely extraordinary". Some even called his art as "sorcery".

And there were a number of overzealous people who called for his execution...because they believed he is the second coming of Jesus, the reincarnation of God.

But that young boy kept marching on. He produced even more landmark masterpiece. His followers and admirers grew even larger. Crowds of people stood for days in front of his humble house just to get a glimpse of him.

But one day, at the age of 25, out of nothing, he suddenly stopped producing his artwork. He locked himself up inside his room, refusing to see anyone, even his family members.

His strange and peculiar behaviour went on for quite some time...to the bafflement of his curious admirers. He was not being himself. Some said he was having depression. Some even said he was being possessed. No one knew the exact reason.

When he reached 30, he committed suicide. He left a farewell note that even the strongest of his family members dared not read. Because the note was written as if he were 25...just before he acted strangely.

That five years period between 25-30 of his life is called "living on a borrowed time". For unknown reason, he was theoretically dead at 25. But he lived on his borrowed time from the past until he practically died on his 30th birthday.

There are people who spiritually die before their body follow suit. In Malay, this is subtly called "jiwanya mati sebelum jasadnya mati".

Why do I produce his story here?

Because I strongly believe that prodigious young boy could be saved.

For five years, he retreated himself out of public...until he finally gave up and retreated himself to the next world. No one even lend him a helping hand. Even when he was dead, people cursed him for taking his own life.

For me, he didn't commit suicide. In fact, people around him let him kill himself.