Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Strange World We Are Currently Living in...

So I've stumbled upon this one fast-rising band in Malaysia performing their hit song live in studio. I've watched and listened to their song countless times, because my friends love it. Such a manly and powerful they frequently told me. 

I didn't object nor do I agree with them. I became as naive and neutral as Evian natural water (Evian is the most expensive natural mineral water in the market. If you look closely, Evian spelled backwards will be 'naive'. Not that this trivia has any bearing on this topic, but I love this small, insignificant fact).

Their live performance was below par at best...their lead singer unsuccessfully hit the required notes on multiple occasions. But he did try his very best, and that deserved praise. Other than that, they were mediocre and average.

But, lo and behold, the overwhelming response was puzzling. People rained in with outpouring of praises, uplifting their performance to the Godlike status. I am not a professional musician, but you don't need a trained ears to differentiate what's good and what's not. A well played song will always be good to our ears.

To be fair, there were a fair share of dissenting voices who uttered disagreement, but they were swarmed by chorus of supporters who claimed those in disagreement were either stupid or envious. In the end, the comments were crowded with exaggerated praises which overtly defy the actual standard of the performance.

I am not envious of them. Far from it. I am not singer, let alone an artist (my sister once reprimanded me for singing at the back while she was riding the bicycle. I stopped singing since then). What brings my displeasure to the forefront is the sheer hypocrisy on the part of the commentators. 

We can support something but not to the extent of blindly supporting it. Praise where it was due, because some of the band's other live performances were brilliant. If we focused our argument to the band's latest live show, it was vastly inferior. To catapult an inferior performance as such to a great height was akin to deceit.