Sunday, April 17, 2016

Throwback Sunday

So much for the intellectuals...

"As a young professional and graduate from British university, I am unclear about this I would like to ask some questions..." 
"Even though I possess an advanced degree in English from University of Manchester, I would like to reiterate that I seldom use English as my medium of communication...I prefer Malay"

Ever heard the above phrases? I heard it so many times...and on so many's difficult for me to recall where and when I heard those phrases.

The thing is, is it necessary to mention the above highlighted words? Would it be proper for the projected meaning of the sentences if the above highlighted words be included...or better be left out in the first place? Will it have a different meaning then?

I'm not quite sure about the differences in meaning...but it sure has a difference in their intention. From the above quotes...the speaker's intentions are clear...they bragged about themselves first, before appearing to be 'humble' and 'down to earth' seconds afterwards.

If their purported intentions are to display their humbleness, it's better to leave the highlighted words unmentioned. Just say, for example "I don't understand a few I want to ask a few questions..." or "I prefer Malay". As simple as that...why go the extra length to mention your credentials? Seeking instant recognition?


The above short and unfinished rant was written by me way back in 2007, when I was in my early twenty's. It was never published up to this day, for reasons that I have already forgotten.

As I'm getting older day by day, the anger within me has gradually subsided. But that doesn't douse my feeling of discontent towards these so-called intelligentsia, who rabidly promote themselves by juxtaposing their credentials and apparent ignorance on the same page to the unsuspecting public.

This was to manipulate the public into thinking that they are intelligent and humble at the same time, a rare traits in our modern society.

How I despised this kind of person, even to this day.

Update 24/4/2016
It's called humblebrag. This kind of person whom I first observed and hated more than ten years ago is aptly called humblebrag in our modern term.

I still hate them until today.