Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Humans the Terrible

I woke up pretty late today. I intended to wake up early, but was interrupted by my room mate's late clear up ( I will only wake up when he's gone to work).

Dr Zamri has been my room mate for the last two months, but I rarely had a word with him. I was already making botany's lab as my sleeping fortress when he stepped into my room last February.

He seems to be a nice guy, a man with few words. He keeps a guitar, which he plays whenever he is bored. Till this day, I still do not know whether he is married or not.

As long as we do not bother each other, I am all okay with it.

I keep my contact with other people to a minimum these days. I want to avoid as many people as possible. I went out only to buy food, then I'll come back to my home.

Humans are problematic. And the problem is, their problems are contagious. They will infect you with their scepticism, negligence, houlier-than-thou shit, pessimism, and a hell of other moronic things. 

If you keep them at bay, you will save yourself a whole lot of problems. Trust me, avoid contact with humans to keep your sanity in check.

No need to thank me.