Saturday, April 9, 2016

Reaching the Sky...

...but for the moment, not with Rayani Air.

Few days ago, a popular Facebook page posted a short satirical piece condemning those who seamlessly aiming their guns towards the newly launched syariah compliance Rayani Air airlines.

Rayani Air have been in the limelight recently for their constant delays and last-minute flight cancellations. This has caused considerable despair and resentment to their unsuspecting customers.

One of the basic tenets of Islam is punctuality. For an airline that professes to adhere to Syariah rule, it is beyond comprehension that Rayani Air came to ignore this basic principle.

This is the reason why most customers are riled up with Rayani Air’s service - they inherently misused the name of Islam and have subsequently painted a very bad image for this sacred religion.

In the snipe posting, that Facebook page openly denounced those critiques as ambiguous and having ulterior motives towards Rayani Air.

They further implied that the critiques were merely masquerading; their true purpose was to denigrate the airlines’ intention to uplift Islamic principle.

I don’t know how constantly having flight delays and rescheduled flight at the last minute can uplift Islamic image.

As far as I’m concern, it was the opposite that is true. Rayani’s Air actions, intentionally or not, have derailed Islam from its supposed original and actual way of being.

I am not against Islam. I am against Islam being misused for financial gain without truly exhibiting the real Islamic value in the process.

On a final note, the Facebook page further stated that in case an airline (other than Rayani Air) explodes, what would happen to the passengers? Being found dead surrounded by beers are not a good ending. How to answer in the hereafter?

This is akin to saying that if we were buying something in a 7-11 shop and the shop accidentally exploded, we would not have a good ending as there were beers nearby.

For me, the above assertion was not sensitive to the feelings of MH370 and MH17 relatives, whose loved ones perished in the unfortunate disaster.

Our deeds and how we observed our religion are what matter most in Islam. How and where we die have little bearings on our hereafter life. If we sincerely hold fast to our Islamic principle, no matter what happens, Allah will fulfil His promise.

The said page have mass followings, especially among young readers. Some of them accept their words as the gospel truth. This is what makes thing more complicated.

Misleading the young minds at such a tender age would have dire repercussions.

I hope our young minds of today could think with a sensible mind when gleaning statements from the internet, especially from popular Facebook pages (I have no Facebook...already deactivated it. I never liked Facebook in the first place). 

Update 9/4/2016
Rayani Air operation was suspended indefinitely until further notice. Personally I think this is the right move for the best interest of all.