Sunday, April 10, 2016

Tipping Point & Black Swan

I finished two books this week, the highly technical Black Swan and Malcolm Gladwell's Tipping Point.

I first read Tipping Point somewhere in 2008 (barring any mistake on the part of my memory). Malik was the one who was responsible for introducing me to this highly entertaining and insightful writer who goes by the name of Malcolm Gladwell.

I consumed the book in less than a week (or less). Upon returning the book, Malik was very suspicious with me (not his fault, everybody suspected me back then) and promptly asked me to recite the full details of the book to him.

He clearly didn't believe that I had finished the book during that short time span.

For record, no one believed I could read English of that level or even utter a full sentence of English properly during that period (post 2008).

But I held no grudges against him. It was partly my fault. I was too weak to explain everything to everybody. I held my thoughts and feelings closed to myself.

Eight years forward, I still find the Tipping Point as a very entertaining book. Malcolm Gladwell has a knack for explaining his ideas very articulately. He knows what he's trying to convey and he expresses it conveniently.

But that's not the case with the Black Swan.

Although described as non-technical, I find Black Swan as a very challenging book. There are chapters in the book that are leisurely read, but most are technical, both in terms of its scientific and language usage.

I don't think I'll read Black Swan again. Some books are just not for me.