Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My Journey Towards SleepyLand

Insomnia is haunting me yet again.

It's past 3 a.m but not a shed of sleepiness is striking me this very moment. I am as fresh as a junior undergraduate eagerly preparing for his first class of the day.

Or as fresh as newly prepared nasi lemak on display in Nasi Kandar's restaurant early in the morning.

Now, double trouble. I am not sleepy AND hungry at the same time.

I am well aware that the fastest way to fall asleep is to make your mind tired. Mind fatigue is human's simplest route to falling asleep.

I've done my reading for today (reading is the simplest short cut to tire our mind) so I will embark on a different path.

I am going to wear out my energy by walking around USM aimlessly. When my body is exhausted, my mind would tremble in fear. Fearing his master would walk until the end of time, it will activate its survival mechanism by gradually shutting down my whole body's system.

That way, I will feel sleepy. Or at least that's how I imagined it to be.

So I walked down the basement of Biology School. This was where I played ping pong the evening before (less than 9 hours ago).

I am not really into ping pong, but this is the simplest sport to kill time with my friends. If all my friends are enjoying it, so why not jump into the bandwagon?

That evening, after sharing a fair share of wins and losses in ping pong, I went back to my lab to find this:

Milo Ais after a tiring session of ping ping was a great deal. Or was it? Because I bet this Milo Ais was the reason I am still awake right now.

Never mind.

Then I continued my journey to sleepiness. I walked past the small road facing the Biology School. It rained sparsely not long before, so I could see puddles of water in the road.

I glanced towards the parking lot. Amni's car was gone. So Syaher's assertion was true, that Amni was back from her home town.

I hope she brought back some keropok lekor. Because I was hungry.

I headed towards USM mosque. I tried to withdraw some money from the ATM, but it was dysfunctional. Feeling betrayed, I walked towards a drinking machine located not far from the ATM. 

At least I could get a good drink even though I didn't manage to get money, was my inner thought.

But as if fate was playing fool on me, that drinking machine refused to accept my money. Double betrayal.

So I walked back towards my Biology School in utter despair. It was eerily quiet along the way. Darkness was blanketing the night sky. Everybody was asleep but me.

After a brief aimless night walk in search of sleepyland, I failed.