Sunday, May 1, 2016

Throwback Sunday

Original date of writing: October 24, 2007.

I wrote this short ranting piece almost ten years ago, for reason that I've already forgotten. Probably I was mad at somebody? Most probably yes...although I already forgot who that unlucky person was.

It was kept safely in the draft mode away from public view until today, when I finally decided it is time for this piece to emerge for public view.

If you asked me whether I still loathe girl today, the answer is yes. Majority of them are very difficult to deal with. But those rare few who are okay...they are an absolute delight to be with.


Just What It Means When A Girl Starts Crying?

Just what does it mean when a girl starts crying? To express their inner feeling? To show that they are hurting inside?


Girls are naturally a good actress. They are born and made to be one. They can break into tears out of nothing. If their bf happens to buy a big necklace for them (a fake one actually), they cry...when their bf ignores them for a brief moment, they cry...when they see a cute guy winking at them (a gay actually) they almost cry (inside). What an idiot. They seek attention whenever pull as much attraction to them as possible.

Back in 2005, a friend of mine (a girl) told me crying is woman's secret weapon (now that she'd told me, so it's not a secret any more). "Secret Weapon"? Is it some sort of a sniper? Is it powerful? Powerful enough as to atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima back in 1945? Can it blow a man's heart out....melt it to the point of setting aside all their ego's beforehand?

They (girls) burst into tears as a special WMD (the one Bush & Co failed to find in Iraq-Weapon of Mass Destruction) but this requires a bit of an alteration. Girls use it as a Weapon of Mass Distraction...or Weapon of Mess Distraction...whatever. They distract us from whatever wrongdoings they are currently in, making us to forcefully shift our emotion towards them.

They cry for themselves...and then move on with their daily routine. For them, they are the centre of attention, anything else is none of their issue. Worst still, they can easily be manipulated by losers out on the street. It's OK if they committed a mistake but it's unforgivable if somebody else made the same mistake. It's the unseen rule of man and girl.

They cry as if they had already realized their horrendous mistake, but ironically they go on making the same mistake afterwards.

I've known quite a number of good girls...but it's just the minority. I'm yet to see a girl with true grit and determination, not an overqualified actress, certainly not a faker (the one who said one thing and did another).