Friday, August 8, 2008

Beijing 2008

I was still in form 3 when Sydney 2000 took full stride. I could still recall how I watched Koji Ito ran...and I laughed, because he looked silly.

I sat in my Deputy's Dean Office during Athens 2004...eagerly listening to his somewhat boring and monotonous lectures. I skipped too many I met him, to apply for a 'special leave'. He refused to grant me the leave, but he did assure me that he won't bar me from sitting for my final exams.

This time, I'm fully prepared to tackle Beijing 2008 more seriously. I've squandered too many opportunities to really enjoy the charm and magic of Olympics. It won't happen again this time.

Hopefully, when London 2012 commence, I'll be in a much proper condition. Maybe I'll be in London then...furthering my studies. Who knows?

By Kuala Lumpur 2020, Malaysia should be able to win a couple of gold...and hopefully breaking a handful of world records too.

But for now, just hoping for our first Olympics gold medal to finally arrive...even though I still doubt it very much...