Monday, June 30, 2008

Meet the new European King!

A fine solitary goal by the El Nino was enough to land Spain their first major trophy since Euro 1964.

Torres, who was largely outshined by team-mate David Villa during the course of the championship, struck the only goal of the game in the 33rd minute.

They started the match one time I thought they were going to bottle it (as usual) but once their crisp passing got in shape, their superiority reigned supreme.

By leaving their long-serving captain, also dubbed the King of Spain, Raul, back at home, they thrived and successfully removed their perennial under-achievers and "bottlers" tag labeled on them once and for all.

A bright and promising new era has arrived. The King is now being replaced by the dynamic and classy new Prince of Spain, Fernando Torres. Fabulous Francesc Fabregas is pulling the string from midfield...although still overshadowed by the old guard of Xavi Hernandez.

Plus the excellent David Silva and exciting Sergio Ramos, this makes almost half of the current crop of Spanish players under the bracket age of 25 years old. Who says boys cannot compete with men? With the right guidance and mentality, this young and highly talented team can go on to win the next World Cup!

Hail the new King of Europe! Spain rulez!