Friday, August 30, 2013


Just came back from training. 

Took pictures with the three of us holding racquet.

"To support squash bid for Olympics 2020", claimed abang Khalik.

Haha. That hope is getting slimmer day by day.

Practiced alone for about 10 minutes because abg Khalik was playing with Razie.

Sharon came moments later. Stopped the light training to have a chat with her.

She was her usual self, lively and outgoing.

"You are getting chubby?"

Am I?


Oh no.

"Wait a minute...are you having toothache?"

Yes...since two days ago. Is it too obvious?

"That's why. No seeing doctor?"

Of course no. I'm scared to death of dentist.

"Should see the doctor. It's getting severe"

Played five sets with Razie. Lost the first four but won the fifth. It was my stamina problem. My fitness is deteriorating rapidly. Need to recharge before MASUM. Or was it because of my toothache?

No...please don't find excuses.

Went straight to badminton court to play badminton after that gruelling five-setter squash. Partnered Razie for the first time ever. Lost the first match to a Chinese pair but won the subsequent two matches.

Played another three games, this time won straight sets.

Going to Sarawak stadium tomorrow with abang Khalik. Sarawak vs Kedah, Malaysia Cup. Have to make sure to contain myself from celebrating, in case Kedah score a goal. Sarawak fans are quite intimidating.

Time for my maggi.