Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I have renewed the pictures on my better reflect my aspiration now. I renewed myself every morning...I feel highly motivated the most early in the morning right after I woke up from my deep sleep. Fully recharge to take on the world.

Something related to renewal happened yesterday. I went to CAIS to return my overdue math book, and was charged Rm1.00. The women sitting at the counter is my favourite CAIS staff, and she reminded me that my other books (seven of them altogether) were also overdue. I cannot renew any of the books without taking them one by one to CAIS and manually renew them after paying the overdue charges. I left CAIS afterwards for my scheduled raya trip.

Just now I checked the status of my borrowed books, it stated that all of them were already renewed (three of them are renewed four times...there's no way I could renew it myself more than three times because the system would block it automatically) and their due date is now 3rd of  September. I knew who did it...I could almost see her smile right now. She will remain as my favourite CAIS staff. There's no second thought about that.