Saturday, August 31, 2013


I've been relishing my newfound blessing of unlimited internet access. The last time I could surf internet freely in the comfort of my room was almost four years back. Then, I was using my old, big desktop computer, bought way back in 2004. The internet connection was provided by Izam, a Shell-sponsored post graduate student from Sabah. She is now married to my former housemate Sabri, and they are currently living in the United States.

What sites do I regularly surf over the internet?

Pretty substantial, and diverse. I could surf internet for hours straight, reading all the materials on the site. There were some people in the past who mistakenly thought I was addicted to facebook...because I was always stuck to the screen of the computer. What more can you do for hours staring in front of the monitor rather than updating facebook?

Sadly, they were dead wrong. I don't have any facebook. I never had one. Actually, I did have one, but that was created by my friend without my consent. And I'd already deleted that account. As I've said so many times, I prefer to be anonymous, I prefer to be alone. For me, facebook is rubbish is kind of not that necessary.

Throughout this week, I've been reading voraciously scores of websites, blogs (some of it are quite good...some are hilarious) as well as forums and selected newspapers across the world. My housemate came around last night, he peeked at my laptop to see what video I was watching.

"Is it MatLutfi?"


It was actually andysunstory. I found his link accidentally over the youtube channel. But he does look like MatLutfi.

I didn't know MatLutfi until last year. Never even heard of him. I think he has a legion of fans, although I still couldn't grasp why. But to be fair, he's got some flair. Andysunstory is a bit of MatLutfi's version in english. He has a distinct accent (Australian?) that caught my attention. And he has messages too...although his points are always accompanied by that f* words. I think people should see his videos more, besides MatLutfi.

I texted my friend in Penang, asking whether she knew of Andy. She never heard of him. But when I explained that he's a bit like MatLutfi, she said she liked MatLutfi. She then proceeded to mention anwar hadi and aiman azlan as also in the same boat, and they are all popular.

Now, who is this fella anwar hadi, and who is this aiman azlan? I seriously have no idea, never heard of them.

Now I feel like I'm thoroughly detached from the current trends.

Now I feel old.