Sunday, August 25, 2013

Moving in...Moving on...

I moved in to my new room today. I was given the privilege to pick my own room, and I chose the one closest to the WiFi router. This would be my new home for the next four month, a critical period of my life. This year would determine whether I would break free from the clutches of dark period that has been gripping me for the major part of the past decade. I don't want to go back...I've burned the bridges. So there's no turning back. I don't even want to look back. I am very much focused on the path that lies ahead. A path of freedom. A path of my own choosing. A path of my own creation. I created the path and I'll cross it no matter what. Then I'll move on to whatever fate would bestow me.

No one believes I could come this far...for all this time I have only myself to trust. I have this stubborn faith that if you put in enough effort in anything you do, you'll succeed. This is no ordinary faith, this is the law of life. There's no shortcut to success. If someone tells me that he's got a secret path to success without breaking a sweat, I'll tell him to go fuck kill die regenerate himself. There's simply no such thing. A Haji once related me a story about an old man who was in tears for having to pay 20 cents to use a toilet. The bewildered man next to him asked if anything was wrong. The old man simply replied that if we were to pay to enter this disgusting place, what price do we have to pay to be in heaven? What price do we have to pay to grab that elusive pinnacle of success? Certainly not a pittance. Certainly no shortcut.

I have no special talent, if people asked me my secret, I'll asked them back whether they want the answer in one word, two words, or three words.

If they want it in one word, the answer is "Work".

In two words? "Work hard".

Three words? "Work terribly hard".

Allah is the most merciful, the most gracious, and the most beneficent, who will bestow upon us according to our efforts. I just need to keep striving, to keep working hard. And I believe Allah will keep my hope alive.