Saturday, May 7, 2016

Where Are the Golds?

This is, I was informed, the final standing of recently concluded Kesumas 2016. Kesumas is an annual sporting event in Unimas, running usually from one to two weeks, involving all of its faculties in various sports disciplines for the coveted overall champion's place.

Prior to our graduation, FSTS (or Faculty of Resource Science & Technology - FRST) and FK (Faculty of Engineering) were fierce rivals. Both constantly jostled for the first top two positions, resulting in constant exchange of places between them in breathtaking neck and neck position.

I still remember, on the final day of Kesumas, FSTS was only a gold behind FK for the champion's slot. FK was known for their women's prowess...almost all their golds were delivered by them. FSTS meanwhile, depended solely on their men's department to deliver the goods. I can't recall any gold medal produced by women of FSTS.

Earlier that week, I delivered two golds for FSTS, both in squash (squash individual & team gold). My good friend and housemate, Syairazie, known for his athletics quality, produced three medals in three different events (I am not sure about the colour of the medals he received, probably two golds & one silver. He was so multi-talented that I could not remember how many events he contested. After playing volleyball, he ran the entire length of the field to play squash, and he won. Others would have died of exhaustion, but not Syairazie).

On the last day of the tournament, I looked at the big signboard across Unimas main stadium, where they displayed the current standing. Only one gold separated us from the first position. FSTS were to play football match that day, a final match between FSTS and FSS FSKPM. If we won the match, we would be crowned overall champion (based on the fact that FSTS collected more silvers than FK).

In a show of force, FSTS calmly resisted the challenge of FSS FSKPM to emerge victorious. I was at the main stand, watching my fellow friends slogged a decisive victory against our arch enemy. It was truly a memorable moment, we were finally the overall champion, and I was one of the tiny contributing factor by my squash's gold.

Three years later, our sweet victory was shattered into pieces by this current crop of FSTS students. I do not mind much if we didn't win the overall title...but no gold at all??? This is outright shameful. I can't remember the last time FSTS performed this badly before.

Update 11/5/2016
Upon further clarification from Fawwaz, I realized it was FSKPM who FSTS had beaten en route to them winning the final. FSS was beaten during the semi's.

I have made necessary corrections.