Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Midnight Snippet

I have a degree of free time to waste, so I re-read some of my past postings. As expected, there were errors that I failed to realize in the past, particularly grammatical mistakes, so I've made necessary adjustments as best as I could.

Grammar is the backbone of English. No matter how good you've become accustomed to the flow of the English language, you are almost certain to make mistakes. That's why we keep learning. Once we stop learning, we stop questioning.

This is one of the examples, from "A Strange World We Are Currently Living In...":

We can support something but not to the extend extent of blindly supporting it.

I may not know everything, but at least I try to improve myself bit by bit everyday. It sickens me to see some of my friends already stopped learning anything new once they've grabbed a good job after graduating. 

Education doesn't stop after university days. It continues throughout our lifetime. To live everyday without gaining any new knowledge is to live defeated everyday. What's the purpose of living if you didn't accumulate any new information to add to your existing knowledge?       

Learning never stops. Learn something new everyday.