Saturday, May 14, 2016

Breaking the Break

On second thoughts, I've decided to reverse my previous decision to hibernate.

What else can I do in times of my current predicament, rather than writing?

I recently wrapped up these two books:

Finished this one the day before yesterday. I bought this during last month's Big Bad Wolf in Penang.

They say Tim Harford is Britain's version of Malcolm Gladwell...well, maybe he falls a bit short of that mounting expectation.

This is in no way a disrespect to Harford's cunning ability to write, it was down to Gladwell's more convincing and persuasive ways to present his ideas to his audience.

Finished this one almost a week ago (I read many books simultaneously, that's why sometimes in a week I could end up finishing two or three books in a row).

It took me almost two months to read this giant book. Michio Kaku is one of my favourite writers, so it's not hard to fathom why I consumed a great deal of my time on this book.

The first part of the book was a bit only picked up pace right into its second part. Kaku's range of knowledge is very impressive.

And today, or this morning to be exact, I watched this:

It's a so-so movie. Not too bad, not too good either.

Now I'm in the middle of watching this:

So far, this movie is ok.

That's how I spend my Saturday this weekend.