Friday, October 26, 2007

A Brief History Of Time - My Early Years

That's the title of Stephen Hawking's famous book. I read it some time in the's a work of a genius. Two thumbs up. He explained complicated matter in a simple and easy-to-understand way...unlike certain people who like to project simple things in a complicated way to make them appear smart. And how I hate this kind of people.

I'm not going to elaborate on that Stephen Hawking's's about me and my life so far...not so far actually, I'm only 22. But it was like I had already spent half of my much has happened...bitter and sweet had become part and parcel of me.

My Early Years

I was born in a small urban area of Kangar...but was raised in a remote village deep inside Kubang Pasu district in Kedah. I hardly remembered my childhood years...for all I know, I attended PASTI kindergarten as my first formal education. I fought with Pion, my future best friend, where our relationship started to deteriorated. I was transferred to Tabika kindergarten, next to the mosque and library, shortly after that.

I think that was the turning point of my life...Tabika suited my style of learning. I prospered...even though I hardly recalled any of my friends there. For all I could remember, during recess time, I would go to the nearby Pak Ngah E's shop to buy ice-cream. The shop no longer in operation...and I haven't seen Pak Ngah E for quite a long time.

I've been admitted to Sek Keb Tunjang to received my primary education afterwards. They placed me in 1 kuning (2nd best class...the best class is Hijau) . That's where I started making friends with Najib, Busra, and Asyhraf. I'm not quite sure about Busra...but I think she was there in Kuning class with me back then.

I recalled having Agama class under the guidance of Ustazah Fatimah (she was there until I was in standard 6). A quite old woman wearing spectacles (I used to remember her name, but not anymore) was my first class teacher.

My dad used to send and pick me up from school during that time...and for all I remembered, my sister cycled to school alone. She was already in standard 6 when I first enrolled in standard 1. I remembered one chilly morning, one of my friends touched my hand, and remarked that my hand was way cooler than Asyhraf's. What a cool person was I. I stayed in that class a year long...scoring pretty good grades all the way.

But they still placed me in Kuning class a year after...maybe the grading system still underway...I barely remembered all this. Najib became my good friend...along with Fauzi Mansor. They only upgraded me to Hijau class when I was in standard 3. I moved to a new classroom and building...on the 2nd floor next to SKT's great hall.

For music class, they required me to have a recorder. So my dad bought me a Yamaha recorder (quite expensive...RM10) But I sucked at barely made a good sound whenever I played it. There was this one occasion, I committed my first ever "tuang kelas"...and it was during music class (not sure this happened during standard 3 or 4). I hid in the toilet the entire class...and no one noticed my absence. Poor me.