Wednesday, November 30, 2016

A Beautiful Writer

I read a long essay yesterday, about the danger of over-consuming sugar in our dietary intake, that almost riveted my mind to the level that I've rarely experienced nowadays.

Some writers have this heavenly gift of weaving their mind into words that could gently blow you towards whatever direction they are leading you to; a very talented writer could even turn your mood from downright sorrow to perpetual happiness.

Writing is a dying art. Of course everyone can write, but not everyone can write beautifully. Having the opportunity to read a well-written essay is like discovering a treasure trove; you are excited to know what's inside it but at the same time, you do not want to know where it will end.

I've read many scientific articles which were severely lacking in souls. Many science writers nowadays focus too much on the scientific side of the argument; they either ignore the importance of attracting people's attention through persuasive words, or maybe they are too lazy to do that.

Science and literature is one, there's no two ways about it. You cannot do without the other.